Out With Legacy Systems, In With Cloud POS Retail Software

Out With Legacy Systems, In With Cloud POS Retail Software

By Admin 3 years ago

For those shopping around for retail software solutions such as a POS system, you must have discovered that they certainly don’t come cheap. Yet, this is not to say that just because you don’t have a huge budget to dip into, you will be forced to settle for a sub-par point of sale system.

Investing in legacy software that would need to be installed on a server on site is often a costly affair. Contrarily, your new POS system need not ‘break the bank’. Cloud-based software involves fees that are paid on a monthly basis and cover a host of ongoing support and maintenance services.  

Here we will discover the tremendous advantages of cloud POS systems as opposed to the counterpart legacy software.

Pay monthly and cover all your bases

Those who have opted for retail software development services for cloud-based POS systems do not have to worry about paying a hefty flat fee. You would merely need to pay a reasonable amount on a monthly or yearly basis in terms of the services and features offered by the provider. Frequently this comes to a much lower amount than when purchasing a legacy POS system.

Covers support services

Typically, those who use SaaS-based POS solutions are exempt from shelling out additional money to gain support services. Almost all retail software development service providers are equipped with support personnel who provide all types of support that their clients may need without charging them any further.

Covers regular updates

Once you have a cloud-based POS solution you can expect to receive updates at regular intervals carried out remotely to give your entire software a boost. You will not incur additional costs other than your monthly/yearly subscription fee to benefit from updates such as new versions or new features.

Involves decreased hardware expenses

Those who opt for legacy POS software need to invest in heavy-duty hardware, for instance, servers.  On the other hand, one of the top perks of cloud-based software is that you can use your own basic machines, like printers, computers, scanners, and cash drawers. Cloud-based retail software solutions are so versatile that they can even be used on the current tech innovations like mobile and tablet devices.

Gain relevant integrations

Unlike traditional systems, sophisticated cloud POS systems allow you to include key integrations that serve to link to various aspects of your business. With your cloud-based retail software solutions, you will be able to integrate with services like accounting, CRM, ERP, marketplaces, eCommerce, marketing, warehouse management, and more.

Superior Security

Legacy POS solutions are prone to introduce several risks to your retail operations. Conversely, owing to its cloud-driven technology, cloud POS software involves negligible risks and considerably higher security. In case your store’s computer starts malfunctioning, or your server is down, thanks to cloud POS, your data will neither get corrupted nor lost, as it is securely stored in the cloud on offsite servers.

When it comes to retailers making a critical purchase, the merits of cloud POS software speak for themselves. Remember that retail software solutions such as POS are meant to make a retailer’s life easier by helping them run all operations smoothly and not to cause unnecessary complications. You can opt for a well-supported and regularly updated cloud POS and watch as your retail business flourishes.

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