Popular Modules and Features of Hotel Management Software

Popular Modules and Features of Hotel Management Software

By Admin 3 years ago

The reliance on hotel software solutions is an obvious result of high levels of complex hotel operations and shifting guest expectations.

Across the globe, hotels are dependent on an array of software to control their operations seamlessly. Among them, Hotel Management Software (HMS) is the most popular as it benefits hoteliers in numerous ways. It helps in synchronizing data, ensuring consistency and precision in operations, automating tasks, augmenting staff productivity levels, and fostering stronger guest relationships.

Essentially, it is a valuable tool that optimizes the management and operations of a hotel. Hotel Management Software usually consists of several modules and we will explore the major ones in this article.

Front Office

A hotel’s key processes occur at the front-of-house position. A few major processes include check-in, check-out, booking operations, billing activities, and basically all of the guest-facing tasks.

Hospitality software solutions in terms of a robust HMS empower front-of-house staff to carry out these activities easily and without a hitch. As they are no longer hampered by tedious admin-related tasks, staff can easily focus more attention on communicating and engaging with guests. It allows them to foster loyalty by catering to guests’ needs promptly.

Loyalty Program Solutions

The wise idiom “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” holds good for hotels too. A high percentage of your hotel’s future profits mostly come in from just 20 % of your current guests. So using a good loyalty module will help you to provide offers and discounts to your guests and present them with activity-based rewards to keep them coming back for more.


Most hotels have in-house FnB establishments and would need a PoS tool to help them run smoothly. It helps restaurant staff in various ways such as taking food orders, creating Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT), invoicing, and more.

User-friendly hotel software solutions like PoS enable staff to implement these restaurant processes with a few taps on the system. They are able to do their work faster, efficiently, and with ease.  

Equipped with PoS, hotels can track guests’ food likes and dislikes. As this solution offers comprehensive guest history, the staff is able to offer highly personalized services each time a guest visits the hotel.


A hotel’s housekeeping services tend to be hectic as a staff has to cater to several guests at different points of their stay. Keeping track of room status is a complex business. Using hotel systems solutions such as housekeeping modules allows you to tackle these challenges head-on. 

Housekeeping modules feature a centralized control panel that serves to monitor room status and allows automated assigning of housekeeping tasks to the staff. Thus you can ensure that your hotel is always prepared to welcome guests.

Banquet Hall Management

Hoteliers can manage all types of events at peak levels by means of a banquet module. Various aspects such as hall booking, menu selection right up to bill payment can be smoothly implemented with the help of a robust banquet system that allows personnel to do their jobs excellently.

This smart hotel software streamlines all the banquet processes by also maintaining a comprehensive file of the invitees and ensuring that all organizing teams are in sync. Furthermore, reports generated within this module allow hoteliers to gains insights into the most popular menu/recipe, banquet hall, peak seasons, and more.

As it is clear, the separate systems that make up hotel operations such as booking engines, housekeeping, back office, front office, reservations, food costing, channel manager, and so on can seamlessly be managed through hotel software solutions like a centralized HMS. If you want to keep your operations flowing and exceed guest expectations, Hotel Management Systems are the way to go.

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