The Client

GRSE Limited is one of the largest Ship Manufacturing and Service company in India. It is governed by the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India. Clients required a 360-degree approach to the IoT-based Access Control facility for Employees and Contractor Labour Management System (CLMS) along with the existing SAP ECC ERP and HCM Integration. There was also a requirement for real-time safety person inside the screen beside each ship. A remote view of each TV was needed through a web portal.

Solution Required

150+ IoT Access Control Device Automation among 8 GRSE Units. Right access grant to Employees. PO and Project wise Contractual Labour access control and restrict unauthorize areas. Auto debar and grant control of contractor labour. Face, Fingerprint, RFID, Password and IRIS Authentication mode were controlled in AND and OR mode.

Vendor and Labour approval and onboard process automation with direct impact on network connected IoT devices.

Real time data stream over network connected Android TV. Integration with SAP ECC ERP.

Key Features

  • Network Connected IoT Device Registration and Manage
  • Realtime Device Control Status and Command
  • Device Grouping as per Zone Define.
  • Batch Job Operation and Load Handling Using Server Hardware CPU Core.
  • Manage Units, Department/Cost Centers and Designation.
  • Manage Contractor and POs.
  • PO wise Contractor Labour Onboard.
  • Dynamic Role Base Access Control.
  • Dynamic Form Builder
  • Departmental Contractual Labour Registration Workflow.
  • Integration of Onboarding Process with IoT Data Sync.
  • Employee and Contractor Labour pathway draw.
  • IoT Android TV Based - Project Management Module
  • Reporting and Analytics

Our Roles

  • IT consultancy
  • Research on UBio-X-Pro 2 Device and Alpeta Server.
  • High availability of services and high connectivity with all IoT devices in Intranet
  • Realtime/Almost Real-time communication and Data Command to IoT Devices
  • Smart Batch Job Operation
  • Creating a better and Optimized User Interface
  • Building custom software solutions fits to customer business model
  • Enhanced Security and Communication Protocol
  • Maintain Defence Security Standard Protocol
  • Developing Multi Departmental user-based web application and perform action as per role base access control
  • Integration with existing SAP ECC ERP system
  • Develop RESTful API for 3rd party system integration
  • Communication with OEM and Supplier company

Technology Stack and Security

iOS tech link iconiOS
Android tech link iconAndroid


  • Communication language issue with device manufacturing company.
  • Developing the application that can handle 20,000+ contractual labour access control as per PO.
  • High volume log manage – approximate 4 Cr+.
  • Manage IoT devices real-time/almost real-time.
  • Intra unit restriction as per location/zone map.
  • Fault Tolerance on Data Sync. with device.
  • Different data type response from Device and ERP.
  • Work with various type of form that required for User, Data Entry, HR, Security.
  • Merge multiple forms into 2 forms with multi operation – Contractor PO, Contractor Labour.
  • Min. 0.2 – Max. 0.4 seconds report data load response.
  • Ultra Lite, Secure and Smooth page loading.
  • Migration from Godrej ecosystem to modern IoT based ecosystem without hampering exiting work culture.
  • Reduce Morning and Evening long queue of contractor labour across all units.
  • Reduce Contractor miss calculation of labour working hours against any PO.


Ivan provided a 360-degree approach to the Access Control facility and Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) along with the integration with the existing ERP, HRMS & Payroll software.

Our objective is to recover maximum pain points and provide a secured, customizable software solution so that admin or respective employees can manage terminals and other processes from a single platform.

At the same time, we want to provide a seamless registration process to manage the contractor and contractor’s labour and their activity tracking along with a set of rules. We made system in that way, so that it can handle large data set very easily. Chosen Technology stack and architecture helped us in this matter.

We have provided dynamic form builder and migrate 16 forms into 2 forms, keeping all other 14 forms capability and it’s functionality/activity. All data are integrated with existing SAP ERP.

Realtime/Almost Realtime Communication and Data Command to IoT Devices were established. Smart Batch Job Operation was controlled. Realtime Android TV Data Stream.

All RESTful APIs are highly available.

System is fully scalable, still now we are enhancing system capability. All challenges are fulfilled within 4 months transition and 1 year of development.


  • High connectivity with IoT devices.
  • Payroll cost optimized by 22.5% and increased company profit.
  • Reduced overbilling of contractors.
  • Limited access as per PO and auto debar from previous PO’s working location/zone.
  • Omitted all paper-works and local file work.
  • Each departmental user gets their own login to process form data.
  • Increase form execution and on-boarding process by 75%.
  • Increase work efficiency and accuracy by 95%.
  • Reduced manual operation of devices by 100%.
  • Automatic notification, digital data entry and reports generation reduces workload by 60%.
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