Security Points That You Must Keep in Mind While Running eCommerce Business

Security Points That You Must Keep in Mind While Running eCommerce Business

By Admin 5 years ago

Having an online presence makes it imperative for you to strengthen your cyber security. However, when it comes to eCommerce where financial transactions are involved, the regular security system wouldn’t work for you. You have to take extra precautions while running eCommerce process. Here we will focus on the security and protection to help the businesses get a hassle-free eCommerce solution in terms of security.

To keep your business safe, you must keep some points in mind. Here are some of those:


Blog comments and contact forms are something that an eCommerce company shouldn’t involve. These are basically an open invitation to the spammers. They will most likely leave erroneous links and on your website or inbox. These activities will definitely deteriorate the site’s performance along with speed and security.


Fake emailing are tricks frequently used by hackers. The message may say ‘you must take action’ or something like that. This method often works if you by mistake click on the ‘take action’ button and share your login details with them.


Bots are extremely useful in various ways like crawling the internet to boost the ranking of a website, but its functionality doesn’t end here. There are infected bots as well which scrape a website for inventory information and pricing. This information is used to change pricing or hold the inventories in the cart. These contribute to drop your business revenue.


DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is another name of cyberattacks that focuses on the site’s server and makes the site offline. This creates a huge problem in terms of accessibility.


Last but not least is the malware, malicious software. You must have heard of this common name that aims to enter backend of your website and steal sensitive data. The hackers use these data to use fulfil various malicious activities. Data stealing is a key feature of malware. Cross-site scripting, malvertising, SQL injections and ransomware are the common types of malware which are used for this purpose.

Ways to Address the Problems:

To keep your online business safe, you can take some initiatives. Here is a list of what you can do to mitigate the issues:

·         Server security: Ensure that the web hosting company you are using is trustworthy. You must have a service-side firewall, option to add CDN, hosting plans and SSL certificate. These will prevent you to share the server environment with other websites.

·         Payment gateway security: Ensure that the payment gateway provider is reliable and prioritises your site’s security.

·         Antivirus: Don’t forget about deploying antivirus and anti-malware software for your network computers.

·         Firewall: Your web host should have a firewall for your server. In addition to that, you should think about the security plugins that is encompassed with an in-built firewall.

·         Spam-blocker: Install a plugin to identify the threats and eliminate them at the very initial stage.

·         SSL certificate: This is mandatory for all eCommerce websites according to Google standard. It helps you to add layers of encryption for the transactions.

Hope this comprehensive guide will help you to keep your business safe from all types of threats. Is there anything else that you have implemented on your site and it worked? Share with us!

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