The 6 Most Remarkable Education Technology Trends Of 2021

The 6 Most Remarkable Education Technology Trends Of 2021

By Admin 3 years ago

Gone are the days when education was only related to a traditional classroom setup. To stay abreast of the rapidly changing world, education received a much-needed revolution. With the rise of the education technology solution, the possibility of enhanced learning outcomes for learners of all ages and geographies has expanded greatly.

From learning management systems to online classes and immersive technology, education has undoubtedly become both highly effective and highly accessible.  In fact, educators are able to offer multimedia to cater to various learning preferences, including live video, gamification, animation, etc. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace, leading to tremendous demand and adoption of edtech of all varieties.

Let’s dive into the latest trends in educational technology that everyone in this industry needs to watch out for.

Extended reality

Immersive technology is serving to enhance the visual learning process. Augmented reality and virtual reality are both being leveraged to offer learners an experiential learning experience. While AR provides a 3-dimensional view of real-world images, VR offers a completely virtual world. These higher education software solutions powered by AR and VR are extremely useful in the medical sphere as med students have to grapple with concepts and visuals that are highly complex.

Mobile tech

The versatility of smartphones has led to tremendous usage in learning.  Gen Z is highly tech-savvy and able to wield smart devices much better than adult learners. As a result, the trend of leveraging mobile devices for education has risen, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic.  Mobile-based learning has various advantages like seamless sharing of learning content, a blended learning approach, real-time feedback, and availability anytime, anywhere.

Online learning

In the midst of numerous technology trends that have arisen since 2020, online learning is by far the most adopted trend in the education landscape. In fact, online learning was making great strides even before the outbreak of COVID-19. Research has shown that millions of K-12 students were enrolled in online classes, a lot of which are provided by the local public schools. Today, the number has mushroomed dramatically thanks to the latest higher education technology solutions and tools.

Artificial Intelligence

Most educational technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence. While AI has been embraced in several industries, its use cases in the realm of education cannot be denied. For instance, AI technology is being leveraged for facial recognition to automate attendance by identifying a student’s face. AI is also of tremendous help in exam monitoring. AI-based auto proctoring tools perform invigilation during exams and also detect cases of cheating among students.


While learning can get tedious, gamification through education technology solution is an approach to learning that keeps students active and interested. Not only does it engage the students it also enhances the learning process. In current times, when it is a challenge to keep the attention of tech-savvy student populations, game-based elements, such as teamwork, scoring, leader boards, and so on ensure active participation even for particularly complex subject matters.

Adaptive learning

This is a type of personalized learning offered at the highest level. Empowered by AI, online learning interfaces are designed to align with students’ needs. This offers each individual student-specific activities and information they need to fill the gaps in their learning and break down tough-to-understand concepts. Furthermore, AI tech allows educators to track student progress and gain alerts in cases where there are challenges with students’ performances.

The revolution of the entire teaching and learning ecosystem has come about because of key education technology solutions. Higher levels of convenience and accessibility of education have heightened appetites for learning as well as the modes of learning delivery.

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