The Magic Trick to Keep Your Users Stick to Your Website or App

The Magic Trick to Keep Your Users Stick to Your Website or App

By Admin 3 years ago

In this highly competitive age where every business has participated in a rat race of getting more users for their products or services, User Experience is the most decisive factor to decide their fate. Everyone may have different opinions, but users speak the last word. The final judgment is given by them and this judgment depends on the user experience. 

The quality of the User Experience helps your target audience choose you amongst your competitors. Also, user experience has an effect on your business by shaping the organization with the right internal processes, mindset, toolset, and many other things. Ergo, you can’t take user experience lightly so that the impact it fetches on your business turns out to be beneficial for you. For more help and better understanding, you can always hire a professional for UI design services. 

The Common Notion of UX Design 

The interface is formed by surface UX designers, the user’s interactions with your service. This is why many people confuse UX Design with UI design or even graphic design. However, the job of a UX Designer is much wider than creating the interface for the visual appearance.

If UX Design is done correctly by professional UX design services, the synergist creates the synergy between the user, technology, and business. By creating interfaces, the UX Designer does that. But a lot comes into the interface, and the styling, themes, UI design, usability, interaction design, and UX design have been accumulating. Not all of these things are done so separately. But to not confuse UX Design with style or subject matter, it is good to distinguish between them. Everyone contributes, but everyone is confused about various points: .

  • Styling: About the color of the buttons 
  • Theming: Elements related to the identity 
  • UI Design: Layout that fits the screen
  • Usability Design: Clear interactions 
  • Interaction Design: Best flow for a user
  • UX Design: Better user experience 

Levels of UX Design

UX is functional at its basic level. This allows the user to carry out the tasks he/she needs technically. If you give a user list to a developer and he only builds the system in a way that allows the user to perform the required tasks, you reach that level. The focus is on what alone.

You can use the next level of UX with professional UX design services. This means that the user really knows how to perform the tasks. There is a whole spectrum of usability knowledge that includes best practices from long years of human-computer interaction studies. If the user does not know how to carry out a task and requires instructions, the usability is not significant.

The third level of UX design services goes one step further and concerns comfort. This usability idea. The application therefore not only follows best practices but makes an effort to make it easy for a user to perform his tasks, not only understandable. This reduces a user’s cognitive load needed to determine the application. Because it is easier, in addition to determining how the application can be run, they can put energy into other tasks. In this step, hurdles and irritations are usually eliminated.

This is the delight level of UX design services. That means that the user likes the app, that’s a pleasure to use it. The small stuff, the style, the small bizarre, the jokes and the attention to elements of design, the love that came into it make the user happy. His brain releases endorphin hormones.

UX Design’s final level, the apex, the top of the mountain, is important. This means that the application improves user life, improves interaction by interaction, makes the world a better place. It also contributes to the organization’s strategic objectives at the highest level. You must create meaningful applications if your strategic goals require a change in behavior, attitudes, mental models. What moves people is meaning, purpose, and inspiration.

To successfully complete each of these levels, you must get a professional hand to assist you with the UX/UI design services so that you can retain your users into your business and get some sales.

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