The Power of Event Ticketing Software

The Power of Event Ticketing Software

By Admin 2 years ago

Before launching an event, organisers have to lay the groundwork efficiently. This is not a step you can ignore. However, handling event ticket sales that would amplify the number of attendees at your event is not an easy task, especially as your team would be preoccupied with all the other tasks that have to be completed for the event.

You can save plenty of time and boost your event ticket sales with event ticketing software solutions.

Ticketing software is your key to a successful event. A ticketing system is a solution that allows you to generate, allocate, sort, and handle event tickets. It enables you to monitor the status of all types of tickets and simultaneously offers a 360-degree view of all active tickets. It is valuable for streamlined processes, and a good event company would likely use a single centralised platform to handle different types of operations and systems.

Here’s a look at the way in which event planning businesses can take advantage of ticketing software.

Benefits Of Event Ticketing Software

Gauging event success

Insights from event analytics can be used to establish the ROI of your event. With the help of a well-designed event ticketing software solution, you can gauge your event success by checking the following aspects:

  • volume of sold tickets (daily)
  • ticket turnover (per category of ticket)
  • number of show and no-show ticket holders

What’s more, integrated event software allows you to share with your attendees an assessment survey. You can ask for added feedback or gauge for instance the attendees’ experience. Statistics like these give insights into whether your event was a success or not. It indicates how effective your ticketing strategy has been. With the wealth of relevant data at hand, planners can use these statistics to organise even more successful events in the future.

Automated ticket confirmation

Event attendees will typically expect a confirmation message once they’ve bought their tickets. Ticket confirmations are sent through automated emails using integrated event software. This gives organisers the chance to issue e-tickets in the mail. For this they can include their company logo and colours or share important event particulars on the e-ticket. In addition to soft copies of tickets, a lot of event attendees ask for event invoices, particularly for events like product launches, conferences, workshops and so on. Advanced event ticketing software solutions can provide invoices for their event guests, sharing it with them in a convenient manner within the confirmation email itself.

Targeted messages

In case your software correctly monitors the number of people that registered, purchased or cancelled an event ticket, then the process of sharing follow-up emails for each of these categories becomes effortless.  With data from the event ticketing solutions, companies can share prompts to those who cancelled or didn’t show up and they can even share with attendees the details of future events. In the event announcement mail organisers can direct attendees to your event app or website that will give them all the information they would want on the event and the latest updates as well. Using personalisation and targeted group approach has served to boost the conversions when it comes to email strategies.

Event intelligence

During check-in when the event is live, organisers can scan the e-ticket QR-code of each and every attendee using smartphones. During event ticketing software development if registration overview has been integrated into your software that would mean that you will glean intelligence on your event and its attendees. Organisers will be able to see the number of people who showed up and those who are yet to arrive. With the list of attendees on hand, they can share more nuggets of information that would be valuable to the attendees at the event.

Organisers should consider all the benefits and potential and get the most out of their events with event ticketing software solutions. So, are you ready to ensure a superior user experience for your event attendees?

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