Tips To Use Education Software For Conducting Online Exams

Tips To Use Education Software For Conducting Online Exams

By Admin 3 years ago

For many universities, the introduction of online entrance tests was a game-changer. It improved the efficiency, security, and convenience of the process for both teachers and candidates. Its adoption, however, was optional. However, there were many who connected with education software development companies for developing e-learning software solutions to conduct exams.

The pandemic, on the other hand, made it a need rather than a choice. Many schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions have made it standard practice in the last two years to screen candidates and select the most qualified. In this regard, education software development companies have been creating stellar software to address their needs. 

Entrance tests are critical in establishing their intelligence, talents, areas of interest, and many other things, in addition to filtering the best applicants from the remainder. In the following paragraphs, we will be listing essential tips to help you conduct these examinations in an effective manner. 

How do online exams fare better as compared to their offline counterparts? 

For a variety of reasons, the former can be better handled than the latter. Some of them are listed below.

Secure: Online admission examinations have a reduced risk of paper leakage than offline entrance exams.

Fast results: One of the primary drawbacks of offline exams is the length of time it takes to receive a result. The process of taking an online exam is quick and precise.

Cost-effective: The costs of online exams are significantly lower than those of offline exams.

Any location Candidates who live in rural locations or who lack the financial means to travel to a testing centre can benefit greatly.

Both subjective and objective tests– Online tests work well with multiple-choice questions, but they also work well with subjective questions.

Surveillance– Auto surveillance and webcam monitoring are significantly more effective than having a human invigilator present because the former can track candidates’ general activity during the exam procedure.

Simplicity: For many candidates, conducting online oral exams or viva voce is preferable to conducting them offline. All of their responses can be recorded at the same time and analyzed later.

Tips for conducting online exams

The following tips can help you use e-learning software solutions developed by education software development companies for conducting exams. 

Identifying the needs of e-learning software solutions

You must first determine the admission exam software’s key requirements. It should ideally be customized according to the program or course you’re offering. Following that, you must locate a reputable school management system vendor who can give your institution appropriate online exam software.

Defining exam rules, exam patterns, and grading 

After finding a reputed education software development company, the next step for you is to define the exam rules, patterns, and exam needs. 

Setting payment and online registration process

The next stage is to implement an online registration process that will allow candidates to register and pay online. They can download the hall tickets after the payment has been confirmed.

Online remote proctoring

Faculty will be able to monitor candidates and their screen activity while the exam is in session using the online proctoring software. Malpractices and proxies will be a thing of the past. Do not forget to ask the education software development company for this feature. 

Auto-calculation of marks

For faculty members, calculating marks in offline tests can be a difficult and time-consuming process. However, online exam software created by education software development companies generates marks with high precision.

Define cut-off and weightage for each session

Online examinations allow you to set weights and cutoff percentiles for each component, allowing you to accept or reject candidates based on their qualifications.

Displaying online results

The online entrance exam program developed by education software development companies generates results fast and precisely, reducing the possibility of human error

For evaluating a large number of applicants, online entrance tests are cost-effective, adaptable, and scalable. Subjective, objective and psychometric tests can all be conducted with them. Each assessment type can be customized to look into different aspects of a candidate’s abilities, talents, academic knowledge, and skillsets.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with a leading education software development company like Ivan Infotech now to develop exam software now.

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