Top 6 Disruptive Trends In The Realm Of Education Technology

Top 6 Disruptive Trends In The Realm Of Education Technology

By Admin 3 years ago

Handling the myriad facets of school administration is a laborious endeavor. It is crucial for each department to sustain a seamless workflow. Educational institutes are experiencing a lot of upheaval since the outbreak of the COVID-19. Education technology solutions are aiding institutions facing challenges due to a shortage of manpower and financial resources.

These solutions along with higher education software solutions empower learners to receive consistent education through remote access to teachers, classmates and superior learning resources, and so on, available from anywhere in the world.

Here’s a rundown of the popular technology trends taking over the education sector prior to and consequent to the pandemic

Software for Enrollment

The enrollment process in education institutes often takes into account too much wasteful paper-driven tasks that, when executed on a manual basis, are increasingly at risk of human-based error. Activities like manually approving eligibility for courses, document validation, and reviewing and authorizing application forms are extremely tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Education technology solutions have the capacity to ease the weight on staff members and all at once ensure automated and accurately filled forms, certificates, records and applications from students.

Hybrid Learning Models

Research has shown that a lot of educational institutions have opted for a hybrid teaching approach. In this approach, learners receive a mix of in-person and online education. This has arisen because of the safety protocols in place in the aftermath of the pandemic.  

Video conferencing technology is being embraced for online lecturing. This has served to prevail over several widespread barriers to quality education, ensuring that education is made accessible to learners even in remote locations. Alternatively, learners also have the option (if/when conditions allow) of attending the same session face-to-face in a physical classroom.

ERP Software for Education

Instead of looking into tedious, mundane tasks like fee payment and attendance data, educators can focus on their core duties towards their students.

Education technology solutions such as ERP are equipped to combine with biometric devices or LMS outside classrooms. Learners can work on and submit their assignments online and the ERP software also incorporates online exam modules to generate automated results.

Extended Reality in Learning

Immersive learning, including virtual, augmented, as well as mixed realities is facilitating learning opportunities in the modern classroom. It gives educators the means to bring in an exciting element to learning while simultaneously giving them a thorough grasp of concepts and difficult-to-understand theories. All in all, it serves to break the monotony and provide a classroom dynamic that is interactive and educative.

Apps to Facilitate Parent-Teacher Communication

As always, parent-teacher communication and cooperation are vital for a learner’s educational growth. The onset of the pandemic has impacted conventional education practices. To remedy these several institutions have released special parent-teacher apps. These apps facilitate two-way digital communication, offer class updates, calendar integrations, and so on.

Web Portals to Track Students’ Daily Activities and Progress

Educational institutes provide web portals that make it easy for parents and students to look for specific information themselves, without the hassle of having to interact with several different teachers or staff members. Everything from homework progress, assignment results, attendance records, daily class schedules, exam timetables, and so forth can be accessed on the web portal as well as on dedicated apps.

Quite a few educational institutions have leveraged education technology solutions to steer through the pandemic smoothly. The same can be said for colleges and universities that are embracing higher education software solutions. Has your school gone digital yet? 

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