Trends You Must Follow in 2020 for UI/UX Design

Trends You Must Follow in 2020 for UI/UX Design

By Admin 5 years ago

One month to go for 2020, another new year will start with new possibilities and opportunities. To stay ahead of the pack, you must know the upcoming technological trends which are going to rule 2020.

UI and UX design is one technological implementation that made a quite remarkable stand in the year 2019. Because, it takes some milliseconds for a customer to decide whether the website or the mobile app is worth of their time and UI and UX design plays a crucial role in it, businesses are showing keen interest to employ this. As the technological innovations continue to grow and evolve with AI, IoT, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Biometrics and more, it would be great to look around the upcoming trend of 2020 in UI and UX design.

Accessibility to Be the First Priority

No matter what technological advancement arrives with software, gadgets, hardware and algorithm, accessibility will be the boss always. Therefore, UI and UX design should be combined with edge use cases that focus on touch, sight and sound.

Visual Appearance

According to the Community of Eye Health journal, the instance of cataract development is growing by 1 million people every year, globally. Apparently, it may seem that it is a small portion of people, but imagine how many people may not see your website or app clearly. As bold colour schemes, animation, augmented reality and 3D is trending to make the appearance of business more appealing, people must consider the hindrances for many people and implement optical aspects to make it accessible for most of the target audience.

Tactile Technology and Gesture Control

For being highly tactile the technology is reinforced by all handheld digital devices including tablets and mobile phones. Who doesn’t love multitasking? Rather, we all have a tendency to do more than one thing at a time. One-hand is enough for us to find something on the phone and perform the activities. Recognizing this, gesture control will get impregnated in various digital systems used on a daily basis. With Google, the finalisation of motion sensor development, things will be one step ahead with touchless interaction.

Voice Controls

What is the technology that works behind Siri? It is a combination of Natural Language Processing and AI. Now we are saturated with words verbally and in the written format, it is common to ignore the trickiness of language, tone, connotation, dialects etc. This is the reason why the algorithm behind AI and machine learning can’t be trusted like image recognition and classification. Other considerable accessibility issues include laryngitis, heavy accents, background noise which may deteriorate the problem. With the right implementation of UX and UI design, the feature of comprehension is enhanced with the accessible design and voice recognition.

Any more upcoming trend that you can think of? It would be a pleasure to hear from you.

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