Virtual Reality - A Revolutionary Addition to the Entertainment Industry

Virtual Reality - A Revolutionary Addition to the Entertainment Industry

By Admin 4 years ago

Virtual Reality ‘s ability to affect a diverse section of industries from healthcare to entertainment is frequently discussed and often backed by study studies. Undoubtedly, the practicality of creating virtual reality applications that mimic the physical world, generate sensory experiences and simulate real-life situations and interactions would have a profound impact on how we function. Collaborating with Virtual Reality App Development Company is vital for maximizing the benefits of this new technology.

The VR industry is rising at a rapid pace with the market size of virtual reality hardware and software expected to increase from US$ 2.2 billion in 2017 to over US$ 19 billion by 2020.The prediction forecasts revenue from the global virtual reality industry to hit US dollars of 21.5 billion by 2020.

Use of AR and VR in Various Areas 

Possibly XD films and cinemas are the most prominent example of AR / VR integration in the entertainment industry. Let’s look at the top 5 entertainment niches where such innovations can be implemented successfully.

Museums and Art Galleries

In museums and galleries, the use of AR and VR technology is not a new trend but the one that is increasing in number.
These examples are only a few from all over the world and demonstrate how virtual and augmented realities are capable of making exhibitions interactive, exciting and helpful.Whether designing a museum tour or making displays more engaging, or contextualizing artifacts and showing their true size, professional help is required to bring AR / VR technology to your organization, exhibition, collection, or elsewhere.

Movie Theatre 

More than 66% of people are more likely to visit an interactive performance in a theatre than a traditional one, according to recent surveys. Immersive performance enables the participating audience to take part in the action making the process more entertaining and engaging. AR / VR is a very promising trend in the creation of performances in theatres.

Shows and Concerts

While concerts using AR / VR, including mainstream musicians but it is still at an experimental stage. In the future, it is inevitable for this technology to become an integral part of most live shows. These concerts are incredible and never-be-forgotten thanks to AR and VR. Many fans of music can pay extra to watch VR concerts and concert shows.


The sports industry should think about introducing AR and VR technologies to enhance the spectators’ experience and reach a broad number of viewers.

VR technology allows live sporting events to be broadcast in a 360-degree format offering an immersive experience for sports fans worldwide.

AR technology enables sports experts and enthusiasts to access significant details in real-time at the arena, tennis court, golf course, etc. This information may include the ball ‘s speed and trajectory, weather conditions, player history, track record, or other relevant details.

Theme Parks

Virtual Reality for theme parks and entertainment is on the move helping to construct unique and remarkable experiences. VR is assisting the parks to have the same experience where the fun will be intact in the popular rides and to avoid any possible risk.

VR technology has a wide range of uses and it has immense potential in many different industries. It is gaining in popularity and the statistics mentioned in this article also suggest that it is likely to get big in 2020. Entertainment business owners should think about integrating AR / VR technology to lure a new audience to it with better and more effective user experience.

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