4 Smart Ways Artificial Intelligence Helps Businesses and Entrepreneurs

4 Smart Ways Artificial Intelligence Helps Businesses and Entrepreneurs

By Admin 4 years ago

The ability to harness one of the most revolutionary technologies of all time, namely Artificial Intelligence or AI, is a top priority for businesses of varying shapes and sizes. 

After having implemented AI-based solutions, several companies located worldwide are reaping the benefits of this path-breaking technology.  Enterprises have implemented Artificial Intelligence solutions beginning from automating certain functions like customer service to figuring out the appropriate market/product fit.  There are AI tools for virtually every task today, and the following are some of the significant benefits that you will find with AI. Currently you’d be able to find AI tools for almost every aspect of a business, and here some of the significant benefits based on actual AI use-cases.      

1.Improved flexibility       

2.Lowering of costs     

3.Reduced time spent on tasks  

4.Better results and ROI Reduced risk

Despite the fact that there are still several misgivings surrounding this relatively new technology, in this article we will look at some of the key aspects of AI solutions that can potentially revitalize your business.  

Personalized experience for users

In combination with SEO, Artificial Intelligence algorithms give you a deep dive into the needs of your customers by creating a persona-based intelligence.  Each customer is unique and a business that proves successful in supporting the unique needs of all will be able to experience extraordinary success. Once you’ve tapped into your customers’ individual needs you can then leverage Artificial Intelligence systems to plan your next move accordingly.


AI systems can free-up a considerable amount of time of your employees seeing as they automate a number of different functions. AI driven automation can make the tasks like Customer Service, Software Testing and Development, Brand Management, Human Resource Management and so on a lot easier and enable businesses to execute routine operations and scale rapidly.

Competitive intelligence

It’s every business’s target to obtain exhaustive information about their competitors and as it happens, AI can be of service. Armed with AI-enabled competitive intelligence tools you’d be able to track competitor activity spanning a range of digital channels like websites, social media accounts and the like. It allows you to pull out actionable insights from key innovations brought in by your competitors, enabling you to build a robust strategy of your own.

Sentiment analysis

AI is no longer being used merely to recognize whether certain words have positive or negative connotations, it’s become intelligent to the point where it can even identify the tone of a statement.  It gives you the capacity to manage brand or product reputation, measure public opinion, analyze social media sentiment, perform market research, and understand customer experiences. You may ask, what does that yield? You benefit from optimized marketing strategies, top-level customer communications, enhanced products and services and considerably more.


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