Is Java still relevant in 2021?

Is Java still relevant in 2021?

By Admin 3 years ago

In 2021, Java, the most dominating programming language in the virtual world, turned 26. So, going by programming language standards, the language is quite old. With this in mind, you could reasonably question whether Java still continues to be a frequently used language and whether it will be a right fit for your application or software. For the verdict on that score, read on.

With a whopping 90% of Fortune 500 companies currently using this code, it’s abundantly clear that Java still occupies the top spot.  As any good language should, Java is continually being updated to keep pace with the trends in the realm of software development and technology. It is being deployed in various branches of software development, from web and mobile development to such disruptive technologies as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things ( IoT), blockchain and big data.

Java in the tech industry

IoT and Java are the perfect match, which is why embedded software developers almost always opt for this popular language. As Java runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine), Java code is readily transferred to software packages, chips or devices which have pre-installed JVM.  Java has been adopted in several other niches as well. Development projects in AR (augmented reality), cloud computing, big data, robot vehicles extensively depend on Java code.

Industry experts – Java will continue to have the edge

Software development experts affirm that the future of Java is extremely bright and that everything from gaming consoles to scientific computers will continue using this versatile programming language. Java and its framework enable developers to build powerful, highly secure and scalable software. Java frameworks afford developers with exceptional support for superior streaming apps through the reactive function. 

“Languages are hard to change, so Java will continue to lead. It will be interesting to see if other languages begin to use the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Not just JVM dialects like Scala and Kotlin but other languages with their own user bases, like Ruby, JavaScript, or Python,” said Mark Little, VP Middleware Engineering at Red Hat.

Despite the influx of several new languages and the fact that it is 26 year old, Java still trumps them all. Seeing as Java development services are a vital element in a host of projects, it’s evident that it plays a key role in driving technology innovations today. 

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