7 Facts Business Owners Need To Know About UX Design

7 Facts Business Owners Need To Know About UX Design

By Admin 3 years ago

A lot of businesses think that UI and UX design is only about having a website or app that is attractive to look at. The fact is UI and UX design services involve a complex process that simply cannot come to fruition in a rush job.

It becomes much more complex if you are unaware of even the basics of this discipline. UX can be considered a bunch of approaches and strategies rather than a fixed process. Several firms establish their particular processes; nonetheless, there is no one-size-fits-all process.

Here we will discover the key facts that you need to be familiar with in terms of UX and UI design.

UI and UX are not synonymous

A common error most folks make is confusing the concepts User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) and using them interchangeably. But it is a fact that UI is a subsection of UX.

Essentially, UX design services emphasize aspects like simplicity, usability, functionality, and precision of the digital product. UI design services basically entail the visual experience of your digital product. It concentrates on the look and feels of the product on offer.

Don’t assume that you are your own target audience

Frequently entrepreneurs and designers handling a project are under the notion that the prospective users of their final product are individuals like them. This is a mistaken assumption, as it is highly likely that your prospective users will not be like you. They will very likely have different goals, varied mental models, varied backgrounds, and varied mindsets

Don’t skip user research

User research must always pave the way for UX design. It serves to get rid of uncalled-for assumptions during the design phase. With user research, you will be able to narrow down on your target audience who will be able to guide you to the alterations and iterations necessary to create a flawless digital product.

Modify design to accommodate short attention spans

In terms of attention spans, a digital product needs to be crisp and clear for your users, without inundating them with information. So, during the design phase, you can ask yourself, “Would a person with 12 seconds to 8 seconds attention span be able to use this?” In case the answer is no, you would be wise to modify the design accordingly.

Use real content in the design phase

Do not give in to the temptation to use placeholders or dummy content during the demo of a new product. Several firms succumb to using Lorem Ipsum throughout their product, not providing sufficient accommodation for content during the design process. You need to look at design as a reinforcement of content.

Proficiency in visual language

The highly graphic mode of user experience dictates that designers have to be proficient in visual language. Competency in visual communication involves a grasp of concepts such as design theory, icons, layout, typography, color, typography, and so on.

Prototyping your digital product

Under UX design services for digital products, there needs to be a prototyping phase where you test your products among users. Normally tremendous time, effort, and resources go into creating a digital product that will be profitable. Thanks to prototyping you are able to test your assumptions even before you invest time in a development team to build a full-fledged app or website.

That sums it up, 7 facts that you should be aware of when it comes to receiving UI and UX design services.

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