A Guide for Choosing The Right eCommerce Software Solution

A Guide for Choosing The Right eCommerce Software Solution

By Admin 3 years ago

The e-commerce industry is booming. So, if you are in any business, the time is ripe for you to launch your eCommerce portal. Launching an eCommerce site makes sense and is a great way for your business to reach a broader customer base. An eCommerce site can complement your existing physical store and help you increase sales. To aid in your efforts, you need an eCommerce software solution.

An eCommerce software solutions simplify the launching process of an eCommerce website. Such software is often hosted on the cloud. This gives business owners complete access to the whole suite of tools they need for setting up or running their e-commerce store. Additionally, the cloud-based, eCommerce software solution, can also help manage inventory, handle logistics, and process payments.

Now that we have a brief idea of what an eCommerce software solution is, let’s understand the functions performed by one. 

So, What does a custom eCommerce software solution do?

A custom eCommerce software solution makes it possible to manage all aspects of the online portal from a single dashboard. The eCommerce software can offer business owners several unique features like-

Managing products

The eCommerce software solution gives business owners the ability to add and remove products from the portal with ease. The customized software solution automatically updates product quantities with each new order. The data offered by the solution can also be analyzed to offer deeper insights into consumer purchasing behavior.

Efficient order management-

The custom eCommerce software solution can help in efficient order processing. Using the solution it is possible to track the entire journey from order placement to its final delivery.

Handling all details

The software can help business owners in handling the entire business operation. So, it can be used to manage all daily processes from order tracking to tax calculations.

Enables faster checkout

An eCommerce software solution can help customers check out faster. This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and reduces the phenomenon of abandoned carts.

In-built SEO tools

Several custom eCommerce software solutions also offer built-in search engine and social media optimization. This tends to increase the search rankings for products and the chances of making a sale.

Now that we have a fair bit of idea about the functions performed by an eCommerce software solution, let’s have a look at its types.

Types of eCommerce software solution

Although, there are different vendors offering eCommerce software solutions, the types of software are two. These are-


As the name suggests, these eCommerce software solutions are installed and managed through on-site servers. The business owners purchase a license for this software. Post-purchase they can access annual updates. The owners have to either pay for the yearly updates or can pay a lifetime fee once.

Software as a Service-

In contrast to on-premise software solutions, these solutions are offered through the cloud. Herein the business owner is saved from all the hassles of maintaining their own IT infrastructure. Instead, they just pay a subscription fee based on the usage of the software hosted by the cloud provider. This model is especially beneficial for startups that don’t have the needed IT infrastructure. Connect with an eCommerce software development company to know more.

Difference between eCommerce and shopping cart software

To choose the right customized eCommerce software solutions for your business, you need to understand your needs first. While referring to eCommerce software solutions, vendors often use the term interchangeably with shopping cart software. There is a fine difference between these two.

An eCommerce software solution is a full-featured software that can manage all eCommerce functions. It offers everything that can help in setting up and growing an eCommerce business. You can use it to either build a portal from scratch or integrate eCommerce with an existing website.

A shopping cart software on the other hand works best when you have an existing website. Such software often comes in the form of website plugins and can help you set up a virtual storefront.

To know further about the right eCommerce software solution for your business, connect with a custom eCommerce software development company. Ivan Infotech is one such company that can help you provide the desired answers and the required solution. Connect with our experts now to know more!

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