7 Must-Have Features Your Bar & Nightclub POS System Needs

7 Must-Have Features Your Bar & Nightclub POS System Needs

By Admin 3 years ago

Managing bars and nightclubs come with a host of challenges. Often nightclub and bar owners get bogged down in the tumult of running their business. They have to deal with unsatisfied customers, look after the payroll, and regulate employee schedules. If you are an owner, this leaves you with hardly any time to even review your business to see whether you are making a profit or not. This can be remedied with the right food tech solutions and restaurant software solutions like point of sale (POS) systems to help you run your bar at maximum effectiveness.

Here you can discover the major features in a POS system for a bar and all you require to make your bar a cornerstone among the local nightspots.

Round-the-clock Customer Support

Your point of sale system needs to be dependable. Nevertheless, even premium quality systems face hiccoughs and may occasionally malfunction or get corrupted. As bars tend to stay open into the wee hours of the night, it would be wise to ensure that your POS is equipped with round-the-clock customer support via your POS provider.

Process Payments Offline

It’s vital that your POS has an offline mode. This means that your restaurant software solutions have to work even when you have lost internet connectivity. In the offline mode, you would not be able to access all the functions of your system, yet you will be able to process card payments. This is why it is an excellent feature to have in your POS.

Pour Control

It’s possible to make the perfect drink every time if restaurant software solutions like POS are involved. Certain restaurant POS systems are fitted out with a pour control feature, which does away with human-related errors while mixing drinks. With this feature, your employees get to concentrate on providing excellent customer service while the POS does the bulk of the job of making a flawless drink.

Full Remote Access

Bar owners and managers need quick access to their POS system, no matter the time or the place, particularly if they run multiple establishments. Once they have complete remote access to their restaurant software solutions, they could handle operations in one city while remotely monitoring the activities and performance of their other establishments in real-time.

Tableside Ordering Functionality

Along with drinks, bars and nightclubs also tend to serve food. This is why your POS system needs to incorporate a tableside ordering feature as well as seating reservations. Versatile POS systems for bars give servers the capacity to enter food and drink orders into a mobile device and pass them on to the kitchen or bartender. In this way, the relevant staff can immediately start to prepare the orders.

Inbuilt CRM system

You need to give your guests a good amount of incentive to spend their money at your establishment so they won’t be lured away by another bar. Using a bar POS you will be able to monitor and analyze customer feedback and enhance your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies via social media, emails, text messages, sending them birthday discounts, seasonal offers and so on.

Robust Inventory Management and Tracking

POS software will take care of all your inventory management processes.  Once you input the orders into your bar POS system you will be able to manage the inventory levels at all times.  The system will also generate reports informing you about precisely how much stock you have in reserve.

With top POS features like the restaurant software solutions mentioned above as well as food tech solutions, you and your staff will invest less energy on tedious, time-consuming tasks and be able to focus on your most essential duties. 

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