Why You Need Education Technology Solutions For Automation

Why You Need Education Technology Solutions For Automation

By Admin 3 years ago

It is common knowledge that educational administrations frequently find themselves inundated with time-consuming, tedious responsibilities. Processes such as admitting new students, keeping track of student attendance, managing class schedules and processing grades are necessary yet monotonous. For this reason, automation through education technology solutions is the most ideal choice to keep educational processes running, empowering the individuals in charge of these tasks to save tremendous amounts of time.

This is true even for higher education software solutions used by colleges, universities.

Processes that need automation in an academic institution:

Enrollment processes

The enrollment process is one of the highly laborious processes that academic institutions have to manage. Often it involves ample amounts of inefficient paper-based activities that, if implemented manually, are more and more at risk of human error. Validating documents, authorizing student application forms and manually approving eligibility for courses are tiring tasks.

Leveraging automation found in education technology solutions is the intelligent approach that educational businesses can take. It serves to alleviate the load on staff members and simultaneously gathers correctly filled documents, forms, affidavits and applications from students.

Meeting schedules

Scheduling and planning for meetings is vital when it comes to setting educational processes. Typically, the person in charge confirms the attendees’ availability and then proceeds to schedule a meeting based on it. After that, they individually inform every attendee about details like the date, time, and location of the meeting. In case there’s a change of plan, the individual has to redo the whole process once more.

On the other hand, with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) based education technology solutions you can completely automate the full scheduling process and ensure that human agency is reduced. RPA would allow the organizer to establish a standard workflow that would review every attendee’s schedule and share details and keep them directly apprised of modifications and so on.

Attendance Record 

Tracking attendance is one more common yet vital activity that an educational institution needs to perform regularly. Attendance is important to keep accurate records of not only of students but also of school administration and faculties, for the sake of disbursing fair compensation to all. It helps teaching staff by giving them a systematic and manageable approach to maintain the students’ attendance records.

Additionally, by employing an automation tool that’s the right fit for your daily attendance tracking you can gather productivity information for your staff’s work log.  

Progress reports

Apart from handling exams, the majority of teachers have to regularly make progress reports of each student in each class they look after. As might be expected, this involves loads of tiresome work to keep up-to-date. Automation can prove a boon in this area. After you store a student’s grades electronically, you can leverage automation software to pull up required data from the spreadsheet.

This also makes it an effortless task to pre-fill progress reports and even share the progress reports with relevant parties (e.g., parents, guardians). Through automation, you don’t just eliminate tedious tasks, but also release several hours of time on a day-to-day basis which can then be rerouted to more productive work.

Final Process

From the admission process to the examination process, automation is proving to make everything simple and easier for the educational ecosystem. Evidence shows that education technology solutions like automation ensure that teachers, administrators and students are able to derive the maximum advantage from the education system. 

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