Abrupt Change Took Place in the App Market, Have a Look

Abrupt Change Took Place in the App Market, Have a Look

By Admin 5 years ago

The app revenue is climbing the ladder quickly; credit goes to the impressive growth of mobile gaming and subscription economy. If you look at the past three months, you will find out that the consumer revenue has gained 22.9% of growth, and as a consequence, the figure soared up from $17.9 billion to $21.9 billion in both Play Store and App Store.

With a report, it has come out that App Store is sharing the large portion of this revenue. It makes 65% of revenue in comparison with 35% from the Play Store. To be more precise, users of App Store spend $14.2 billion now which has risen from $11.4 billion, which is quite a giant leap. Google Play, on the other hand, generated $7.7 billion from $6.2 billion.

The figures may change based on the report maker. The above-mentioned ones are provided by one report but another study found out the figures to be larger. However, it is constant for both of the cases that Google Play is the main source of downloads with three-time more installations than the App Store. With Q3, the number has grown from 21.6 billion to 29.6 billion.

China is one of the biggest markets in the world where a slight decline is visible in terms of app downloads. The installation rate dropped to 6% and 2.2 billion in the quarter of the year. However, slight growth is seen in the revenue that grew by 26.9%.

No wonder, the top money-making app excluding games is Tinder that generates $233 million that rose up to 7%. After Tinder, the second top app is Netflix and the third is YouTube with $164 million Q3.

Now, like a new star, TikTok is disrupting the single-dimensioned dominance of Facebook-owned apps. TikTok is giving a tough competition to WhatsApp which is at the top now leaving Messenger, Facebook and Instagram behind.

Though, it is not the first time. According to a study, TikTok won the competition before in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019. However, in the last quarter, it dropped to number 4 again. The download figure is still impressive though. According to another study, TikTok has climbed the third position again over the number 4 and 5, which are Messenger and Facebook respectively.

The ups and downs of the market will continue. All the estimates are excluding the game apps. Did you hear of PUBG, Dream 11 or something similar? Of course, you have. Games will always remain at the top no matter what change strikes the market.

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