Snippet Update For Easy Content Preview on Google Search

Snippet Update For Easy Content Preview on Google Search

By Admin 5 years ago

Google has introduced many restrictions on the website contents and so they have come up with many more options for the websites to preview their content for Google search. Google uses text snippets and other media for content previews to help people understand the relevance of the queries.

In case you look for the results on Google, you will see thumbnail pictures and ratings. This is more useful than snippets if you are searching specifically in the category. This will altogether provide you more specific results for the search.

Google has an automated program that generates previews to help the users understand the relevance of the result and give them a reason to visit those sites. In order to make it easy for the websites to learn how much text will be there for a snippet, here are some new features introduced for webmasters.

Your Snippet and Preview Preferences

Earlier, only a textual snippet or no snippet was allowed. However, now there is a set of methods to allow pulverized configuration of the preview content on your pages. A set of robotic meta tags and HTML attribute have made it possible.

Robots Meta Tags

To an HTML page’s ‘head’ or specified with the x-robots tag HTTP header. The main robots meta tags that address the preview contents are “Nosnippet”, “max-snippet”, “max-video-preview: [number]”, “max-video-preview: [settings]” etc.

New data-nosnippet HTML Attributes

“data-nonsnippet”, HTML attribute on div, span, selection are the new ways to assist limiting the part of the page that can be shown as a snippet. Implementing this you will be able to prevent HTML part from showing in the textual snippet.

Some More on It

The structured data content is eligible for displaying as rich search results. These types of results are not meant for limiting the meta robots settings. These are meant to address more specification with limitation and modification of the content in the structured data. If the content is incorporated in structured data, the content can be presented with similar types of contents in the search results. The presentation can be limited to the limitation of the type of content in the data.

The AMP Format

The AMP format has several benefits that include eligibility for prominent presentation of thumbnail pictures in the search results and the discover feed. These are the characteristics shown to invite traffic to the published articles. Generally, the publishers don’t want Google for using large thumbnail pictures when the AMP pages get presented in the search results so that the Discover can use meta robot settings for max-image-preview specification.

These are the new options which can be operated for the results Google display globally. It will make things more convenient to optimize the value of search and meet your business requirements.

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