Big Data and Cloud Computing – An Ideal Match

Big Data and Cloud Computing – An Ideal Match

By Admin 3 years ago

With the rising popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS), staying informed about the best practices of Cloud infrastructure as well as the types of data that can be stored in large volumes is the need of the moment.

To clarify the concepts, while Big Data deals with content, cloud computing plays the role of infrastructure. The two technologies go hand-in-hand to yield excellent results. Considering the voluminous and sensitive nature of data sets, it’s crucial to keep it in a secure and orderly environment- that’s where the Cloud comes in!

As the Cloud is being adopted by enterprises large and small, these businesses are also beginning to leverage Big Data with marked success. The main market driver for the surge in big data adoption is the rise of the Internet of Things and the expansion of infrastructure-as-a-service in the global market. Cloud computing infrastructure gives you the capacity to easily process big data on your laptops and computer systems. Let’s dive into precisely how Big Data and cloud computing work together and what benefits they offer businesses globally.

The Relationship between Big Data and Cloud Computing 

More often than not both Big Data and cloud computing are bundled together and to understand why you’d need a basic understanding of these technologies.

Put simply, big data can be defined as large volumes of either structured or unstructured data, for instance, terabytes, petabyte or even higher volumes. Because of its extremely enormous volume, traditional software techniques and databases lack the capacity to process the data. A straightforward definition of cloud computing is that it involves storing and accessing data, files, and programs on the Internet, rather than your personal hard drive.

Using hardware virtualization, cloud computing offers the ability to store massive amounts of data through the means of scalability, availability and fault tolerance.  This in turn renders big data scalable, fault-tolerant and available thanks to cloud computing.


The combination of these two fundamental technologies gives businesses that have brilliant ideas but limited resources, a strong possibility at ever-increasing success. The technologies also give businesses the means to leverage the data that they have previously captured but in the past had no way of analyzing.

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