Why Open Source Technology Is The Right Move For Your Business?

Why Open Source Technology Is The Right Move For Your Business?

By Admin 3 years ago

To say technology has advanced at an accelerated pace would be an understatement. A few decades ago Google, Firefox, Android and the iPhone did not even exist. If you’re reading this blog, it’s most likely you are doing so through one of those platforms.  Open source software has been pivotal in bringing this about.

Most Internet users, whether they realize it or not, use an enormous amount of free open source software. The Internet inventors built its fundamental functions as open source projects. Those of us using it today have come into the rewards of their labors. It’s no wonder that open source technology service providers are in such high demand.

Superior software quality

As opposed to proprietary software, open source code tends to be of a superior quality. It stands to reason that software created in collaboration between thousands of developers across the world will be of much higher quality than that created by a team of developers. These developers bring with them experience and expertise in diverse industries, technologies and projects. What’s more, bugs get weeded out swiftly. This is because the code is continually being assessed by scores of developers.

Suppose that just a single developer has written code for open source, for the most part that code will be of a superior quality. This is because when writing code that merely you can your team can access, you wouldn’t focus too much on code style. Nonetheless, when writing code that can be accessed by anyone on the Internet, developers will tend to put as much effort as possible to prove themselves among their peers. This is why peer-reviews, collaborations and refactoring from the community play a significant role in open source technology.

Advanced data security

Many businesses rely on open source technology service providers because of the security of the product developed. The open source community is extremely helpful in isolating and alerting software owners to any and all security flaws. These get fixed promptly by the owners.  

Additionally, with open sourced products you will not find improper use of users’ data. With an ever-present open source community, any data misuse would quickly be identified. No owner would want to risk the reputation of their software in this manner.


Creating open source software is often equivalent to building highly customizable software. Equipped with open source code a developer would effortlessly be able to modify and alter the functionality of the interface to suit their needs.

For instance WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that allows you to create a customized app, website or blog. React Native is a popular open source framework for swiftly building native apps. Another example is Apache CloudStack is open source software that seamlessly serves to build cloud software.

Businesses will continue to break away from the concept that all software needs to be proprietary and will instead look for robust, cost-efficient solutions from open source technology service providers. Powered by open source technology businesses will be equipped with the building blocks that can ultimately result in new products and services.

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