• 7 Major ERP Features Of Education Technology Solutions

    Educational institutes are able to manage and streamline all their processes. They can easily tackle admissions, registrations, lesson planning, student progress, billing and invoicing, payroll and several other tasks. This has become possible due to education technology solutions like robust ERP systems that automate processes, rendering them effortless and highly efficient. Every unique user is able to use the system in accordance with their roles and the functionality they need to access. 

    Automated Record Manager

    Maintaining records of student lesson plans, enrolment, attendance and so on in an educational institute is a crucial administrative task. Administrators are empowered to automate several processes by leveraging suitable ERP software. It keeps records of student information, fees payments, documentation and other data on a single platform.

    Asset and Inventory Tracker

    Educational institutes house a huge amount of inventory in the form of textbooks, school furniture, computers, projectors and so forth. Robust ERP education technology solutions equip administrators to monitor and account for several assets, a task that previously was extremely tedious.

    Integrated Student Information Portal

    Modern education technology solutions feature an integrated student portal as a vital access point that gives students straightforward access to information regarding their fee payment, course specifications, examinations, results, and other updates in a regular and timely manner.

    Secured and Backed up Systems

    Building a strong database is a painstaking endeavour. With school management software you will have resilient data security to safeguard all information stored in your database. The systems security protocols only permit access to authorized users and ensure that educational institutions are able to protect data from any attempts at intrusions or theft.

    User-Friendly UI

    You can essentially determine the success of software by how effortless it is for end-users to use. Using education technology solutions should not consume too much time but rather should enhance the workflow. School ERP systems are designed for a range of users, regardless of whether their level of computer skills is basic or advanced.

    Billing and Invoicing

    A considerable amount of an institute’s success is determined by how smoothly it can manage the fee collection process. A clear billing system is required to resolve errors and gain a full overview of payments made and payments that are due.

    Remote Access Capabilities

    Educational institutes that have multiple locations are frequently in need of versatile management systems with remote access. ERP applications that are cloud-based enable teaching staff, administrative staff as well as students to access any information they need. All they’d need is a device that has an internet connection.

    Educational institutes are always looking to automate their functions and processes. With school management ERP you get a one-stop solution to enhance the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of your school’s entire ecosystem.



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