• The Tech Industry Can be in a Bad Shape for COVID-19 Outbreak

    WHO declared COVID -19 as Pandemic. Be it the newspaper, social media or TV channel, the main trending topic is COVID-19, the deadly and most contagious virus which is affecting people rapidly. The entire human race is perplexed about the way out and the process of stopping it. As per the experts, only isolation and social distancing are how we can stop spreading it more.

    It is estimated that the economic structure regardless of the country is getting affected because of this Corona outbreak and as the IT industry is one of the pillars of the economy it is also facing having an impact because of it. The quarantine period or the lockdown of various countries to stop it from spreading further is one of the reasons behind it. However, we don’t have any way out.

    Here. In this blog, we will try to bring out the current status of the IT industry in terms of this crisis so that you can take adequate measures to fight against it.

    COVID-19’s Impact on the Production

    The Global Market heads have analyzed the present scenario and come up with a report where the outbreak of coronavirus on particular segments of the IT industry is well-described. While talking about production, we think we should consider these areas and try our best to save our business from the substantial loss that is already encountered by various companies.

    Semiconductors: Production requires a higher level of automation it is expected that this segment should be the least affected in comparison with the other industries. But, the problem may arise with the shipment and affect the outsourced semiconductor assembly and OSAT companies.

    Storage: For the lockdown situation in various places all over the globe, companies will face trouble in working remotely from home if their storage of information is not based on Cloud. The companies which are already into it, are at the brighter side where the storage-related problem may not occur and they can easily continue with the operation from anywhere.

    Panels: Because of the quarantine period and sabotage of labors, the back-end module, ODMs, and downstream manufacturers are unable to decide the price. This part of uncertainty may obstruct your business process.

    IoT: For the lack of research and development. The new products may take time to be launched, though, with the integration of IoT, the production will not be hampered.

    Wearables: Wearable devices like Bluetooth, smartwatches may witness a decline in the Q1 production for the lack of labor, shortage of material and product release can be detained.

    Smartphones: The first stage of smartphone production is highly dependent on the labor and this industry may witness a lack of productivity for the unavailability of the laborers now.

    The bottom line is we have to hope for the best, but prepared for the worst. We have to be fully armed to fight the situation together so that your business doesn’t suffer any loss and going digital is the only way out where we can work remotely as much as it is possible.

    Don’t worry, we will overcome it soon. Have patience, stay safe.



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