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Software development solutions for construction business

We at Ivan cater to the needs of the AEC industry and offer customisedconstruction software solutions that streamline all the business processes of your construction business

Accounting and finance software for the construction business

Construction accounting and finance software solutions designed by Ivan are integrated with ERP tools, business intelligence engines, report generators, etc

Accounting and Finance Software for the Construction Business
Job Costing

Job costing

Use the dedicated accounting and finance module of our construction software solution to develop centralised construction budgets. The module also helps you track purchases, changes, revenue, costs, etc

Asset Accounting Module

Asset accounting module

We allow you to join together the software for tracking assets and third-party based accounting software. Using the data you will be able to calculate the audit trail, depreciation, etc

Payroll Calculators

Payroll calculators

Our construction software solution also offers a dedicated payroll calculator module. The system for managing human capital is joined with a payroll calculator for the automatic calculation of salary. Salary is automatically calculated using timestamp data along with leave privileges and disbursed through interconnected APIs for banking

Building Information modelling solutions

Under construction software solutions, Ivan also offers software solutions for BIM. The BIM software solution offered by us offers several cutting-edge features like rendering engine, 3600 AR/VR experience, automated workflows, etc

BIM Coordination

BIM coordination

The protocols for detecting clashes are custom built into our BIM software solutions. These protocols help detect clashes due to material, physical, workflow or codes overlap

BIM Facility Management

BIM facility management

We offer integration of BIM facility management software solutions with CAFM and IWMS programs to help building managers maintain a database of vendor contracts, licenses, accounting info, etc

BIM Integration

BIM integration

Under construction software solutions, We allow the integration of different dimensions, and apps for CAD BIM with different software systems like Autodesk, Revit, Rhino, etc. and project management systems as well

Building Information Modelling Solutions

Revit drafting Software

Ivan develops Revit software plugins as an offering under-construction software solution.
We offer drafting support, BIM services, and software integrations as well

Revit Drafting Software
3d Modelling Using Revit

3D modelling using Revit

Our expert BIM modellers use Revit for creating accurate and clash-coordinated 3D models of the building

VR Rendering

VR rendering

The CAD data can be transformed for offering a virtual experience that is real-time and dynamic using Revit’s high-resolution and fast rendering capabilities

Plugin Development

Plugin development

We use C#, VB .NET or other programming languages to write customised Revit add-ins. These Revit plugins offered by our construction software development team automates repetitive tasks, streamline workflows and reduce construction time

ERP based Construction software solutions

Ivan offers customised ERP based construction software solutions enabling the management of labour, asset, supply chain and sales

Inventory Management

Inventory management

Using our construction software solution, you will be able to create inventory databases that simplify transportation, order requisition, distribution scheduling and order tracking

CRM Development

CRM development

We offer customised ERP based CRM software that includes marketing automation, portals for customer service, contact database, salesforce integration, etc

Contract Administration

Contract Administration

We can create tailor-made system for contract administration that either act as a stand-alone system or offers modules dedicated to CRM, document management, ERP, etc

ERP Based Construction Software Solutions

Software for estimating construction cost

Our software solution for estimating construction cost can help your business save time and money. Through automation it eliminates the need for entering the cost of taks manually

Software for Estimating Construction Cost
Building Material Calculators

Building material calculators

Calculate precise material costs using bespoke quotation estimating modules that take into account changing market prices and real-time stocks from suppliers

Development of Cost Database

Development of cost database

Utilize systems for managing database to generate database of labour, material, and localised equipment cost that are grouped by type of project using data set catalogues

Software for Electrical Estimation

Software for electrical estimation

With electrical estimate software that allows for pricing changes, automatic takeoffs, etc., you may increase profit margins and go paperless

Software solutions to manage construction bids

Our software for managing construction bids help construction managers to make the bidding process simple and automatic thereby improving decision making

Construction Bidding Applications

Construction bidding applications

Create bespoke construction bidding apps that allow for the safe communication and coordination of items like CAD documents, permits, proposal requirements, and material takeoffs

Managing Construction Bid

Managing construction bid

By combining systems for database management and BI engines we can simplify the analysis of bid cost, projected completion time, labour/subcontractor specifications, and more

CRM Solutions for Contractors

CRM solutions for contractors

Our bespoke CRM systems, which are united with dashboards for bid solicitation, include in-depth database of client profile, trackers for client communication, and automation of marketing

Software Solutions to Manage Construction Bids

Software for construction equipment management

Our construction software development team has come up with software that helps manage equipments of construction thus enabling managers and construction crew to track tools, essential equipment, assets on the site and off it

Software for Construction Equipment Management
GPS Based Tracking

GPS based tracking

Create centralised systems for real-time equipment tracking that are connected with major GPS platforms like Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps

Equipment Telematics

Equipment telematics

Real-time analytics dashboards track fleet telematics and KPI reporting, as well as BI telematics, performance analysis, and maintenance scheduling capabilities

Tracking Tools

Tracking tools

Barcode scanning technology, IoT, and capabilities for assigning tools, systems and applications expedite on-site/off-site procedures for tool tracking

Construction software solutions for scheduling

The solutions for scheduling developed by Ivan’s construction software development team helps in generating fast schedules, resource assignments, etc

Scheduling of Appointments and Shifts

Scheduling of appointments and shifts

Automated appointment and shift scheduling, as well as the hand-operated, collective, and repetative scheduling, may be programmed depending on staff needs

Accounting and Payroll Integrations

Accounting and Payroll integrations

Payroll software may be seamlessly integrated with software for human capital management (HCM), ERP, HRIS, etc

Attendance and Time Tracking

Attendance and time tracking

Automated time capture, real-time attendance monitoring (geolocation/geofencing), electronic timesheets, and more are all available in time and attendance tracking apps

Construction Software Solutions for Scheduling

Solutions for submitting construction

The solutions for submitting construction software are developed by Ivan’s construction software development team helps to verify shop drawings, product data and material samples quickly and easily

Solutions for Submitting Construction
Management of Submittals

Management of submittals

Share and produce shop drawings, OEM specs, material data sheets, RFI/RFPs, etc. using submittal document management systems

Exchange of Submittals

Exchange of submittals

Create, track, amend, approve, and execute construction submission and transmittal exchanges in real-time for desktop and mobile apps

Logs of Submittal

Logs of Submittal

Tailor-made submission schedule of construction logs guarantee that ordering and delivery procedures run smoothly and that all submittals are accepted, reviewed, and approved quickly

Construction software solution for project management

Ivan’s construction software development team has created software to manage construction projects. The software streamlines and simplifies construction operation on the site and off it from commencement to finish

Construction Project Management Application

Construction project management application

Daily logs and other features such as voice recognition instructions and automated time-stamping are programmed into mobile apps

Project Management Software for AEC Industry

Project management software for AEC industry

Customised features of workroom features are used to create an unique software for managing project.. Such software tools are used by construction managers, architects, and engineers

Applications for Construction Safety

Applications for construction safety

Our software complies with OSHA standards, making it easier to submit reports about the inspection of sites

Construction Software Solution for Project Management


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