COVID-19 Can’t Stop us Providing You with our IT Services - We are Working from Home

COVID-19 Can’t Stop us Providing You with our IT Services - We are Working from Home

By Admin 4 years ago

With the declaration of WHO about Coronavirus as Pandemic, governments are taking initiatives to break the chain and prevent community spreading. Most of the affected countries have announced lockdown for three weeks. In this situation, it is quite difficult for the industries to survive the crisis and carry on with their respective operations.

Ivan, as a complete IT solution service provider, is monitoring the entire situation closely and for ensuring the safety of all employees we have created the opportunity of ‘work from home’. It is the best way so far to carry on with the operation without compromising the safety of the employees. We are keeping us updated with each of the guidance and instructions provided by the government and WHO so that everyone can be safe and secure physically and financially. Our customers and our employees two are the two pillars of our foundation and we can’t do anything that can affect them anyway. This the reason for this arrangement. We value our customers and so that their business doesn’t face any loss because of the unavailability of our services we are operating from our respective homes.

As our operations are totally digital, it has become easier for us to stay connected via the cloud and provide IT solutions, including eCommerce solutions, Cloud-based solutions during this coronavirus outbreak with complete dedication. We are hopeful that for this crisis, our customers wouldn’t face any trouble in the part of their business which is taken care of by our responsible teams.  

High Time to Shift to Cloud-based Storage and Data Operations

Many companies are still dependent on the local server and they operated from there. The main problem with the local server is that it is difficult to operate with it if the employees suddenly start working remotely. Shifting to the cloud can be the best option if you have experts by your side to help you out with the cloud-based IT solutions. You will need secure access to all your business information and database. If you don’t have shifted to the cloud-based software to accelerate your process, you can contact our professional team who can help you out with IT Services during Coronavirus Pandemic.

Let Your Business not Suffer from Inadequate IT-Services

We don’t know how worse the situation will be and how many days we will have to be locked down. As we value all our customers, we don’t want to let their business have any ill impact on the Corona outbreak. This is the reason we indulge in switching to digital where the combination of technology and the internet will keep the ball rolling for your business. If you still have no such online presence, this is high time to ensure it.

Have faith in Ivan’s responsible and reputable IT service professionals who are capable of enhancing your business with a digital transformation. Be it IT services, app or website design, you will get Ivan always by your side regardless of the situation.

We are optimistic and we believe that soon we will get over this situation but you may not be able to cope with the pace if you don’t have a digital setup from now. Make your mind so that together we can stabilize the world’s economic structure and balance. The security solutions and disaster strategies to find a solution in a lesser period of time are what you need apart from a prominent online presence. We can help you so that you can survive this crisis with ease.

We are available always to understand your queries and find you the best solution.

Ecommerce Solution – The Only Way Out for Retailers

As we’re talking about balancing the world economy which is largely affected by the outbreak of COVID-19, we can’t retail industry which is suffering the loss mostly. Apart from the essential commodities which are required to fight any emergency situation, all other retail businesses are almost closed. Since the lockdown, the problem has become worse for them. It would have been easier if the offline store would have been shifted to eCommerce solutions during coronavirus rather it is the only way out of surviving such pandemic where people can’t step out and buy products. Before the situation turns worse, let your business embrace the technology and shift to eCommerce solutions. With this online platform, you will be able to sell your products without any hassle. Ivan offers effective technologically integrated eCommerce services for retail businesses which will make it easy to control and access.

This pandemic has created a situation where it mandates for all businesses to get IT Managed Services to operate the process despite the Coronavirus crisis. When the business gets a digital transformation,  not only it becomes easier to operate the process without having an impact on the business for such emergency situation like the COVID-19 outbreak and also for alleviating the business process further.

Stay safe and alert in this crisis. Be patient, we will get over the situation soon. Just be sure that your business process wouldn’t face any trouble because we are working from home and your business is our priority.

Connect with us anytime for any type of IT solution service and maintenance support. We will not disappoint you.

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