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Cloud based solutions are not a new thing today and most of the businesses are familiar with its effective usability. With Ivan adopt the best practices and most advanced efficiencies of Cloud. Our end-to-end and quality Cloud based services move across network services, infrastructure, as well as business applications. Get connected with us for managing your crucial business data in a hassle free, safer and confidential way.

Most Advantageous Solution Across Industries

You must be familiar with Cloud services, which are typically hosted in a data centre from where it gets accessed by businesses or individuals using network connectivity. But, often the businesses across the industries lack integration in their IT perspective when it extends to Cloud Solutions. In most of the cases, the companies are not properly equipped with the skillset, software and experience, that is essential to maximize the return on their cloud investments. Hence, a series of technical features need to be implemented for fetching the most compatible outcome.

Consult with proficient Cloud-professionals of Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd., for getting hold of all the crucial aspects of this advanced technology. We would also assist you in:

  • Generating smart business ideas
  • Well-suited and effective data storage solutions
  • Have benefits of secured service, sustainable, flexibility, mobility, quality control, loss prevention, disaster recovery, auto updates (software) etc.
  • Encouraging in-house services
  • Economical, supportive, and well-distributed Cloud based advantages
  • Our Easy & Effective Work Process

    Ivan follows easy and effective work process while proffering new-flanged Cloud service solutions. At the initial stage we follow the following steps -

    • Business Process Analysis
    • Technical Avidity Analysis
    • Technical Roadmap
    • Plan Cost Model
    • Value Leverage

    Once the features are agreed, we move on to build the most advantageous Cloud solution for your business. Our service include -

    • Vertical Solutions
      • Transaction Reconciliation
      • Voice Based Commerce
      • Digital Wallet
      • Field Service with IoT
    • Horizontal Solutions
      • Digital Factory
      • Finance Compliance
      • Hadoop as Managed Suit + Data Migration Workbench + AI

    We expand our service scalability by adopting new age technologies like IoT, Big Data, Blockchain. Continuous innovation and adaptation of the cloud operations and security enhance our utility, performance and cost analysis for the same.

One Solution with Multiple Benefits

Cloud solution has different impression on IT and business. While the IT personnel find cloud as an opportunity to move from the CapEx to OpEx, reinforce agility, reduce data centre footprint, streamline legacy applications, and convey new involving experiences to their clients; the business team looks for the entire system to manage investments that maximize the value of the organization. And, this is where Ivan’s Cloud Service plays a vital role.

Ivan's Cloud Based Solutions Proffer

We offer best possible Cloud service support for every domain. Our quality project delivery models would surely help your organisation to concentrate on new inventions. Get engaged with our experts for having an extensive Cloud based services that includes:

    • Online data storage
    • Backup solutions
    • Managed technical support
    • Web based e-mail services
    • Database processing
    • Hosted office suites
    • Document collaboration services and more

We offer customized Cloud Service according to your business needs which is also adjustable as per requirement changes.

What We Do for Your Businesses

Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is the most supportive partner for the businesses to help them achieve an integrated view of the enterprise cloud system. We partner with companies to guide them with effective cloud transformation policy. We concentrate on assembling the potentials needed to drive both IT and business priorities. Contact us with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before going forward, brands will spend some time determining whether the cloud is strategically and operationally appropriate for your company. You need to enquire about important things including the effect of your IT cost on your company growth and how critical are your company to be scalable and flexible.

The main difference lies in the costs of cloud storage and computing. This depends on how much computing resources you need each day, how many other cloud services you have chosen to use, and what your maintenance needs are. The good news is that most providers for cloud services offer very straightforward pricing, so you can also use different techniques for cloud cost optimisation to lower your bill.

Cloud deployment services can be beneficial to your business for the following reasons:

  • Scalable data storage
  • Easy and cost-effective maintenance
  • Fewer compliance concerns
  • More strict security
  • Zero disaster recovery concern
  • Business continuity and growth
  • Rapid cross-border expansion
  • Less human resource
  • Reduced costs
  • On-demand access to additional resources for faster scaling

Ivan InfoTech’s IT professionals will help you shift to the cloud and go for Cloud application development. We are there to help you find the right solution for cloud technologies, collaborate with your team to build a migration plan and execute it. We take pride in helping you 24/7 with a view to optimizing your working time.

There are three types of cloud deployment services at your disposal.

IaaS: Cloud infrastructure helps you to rent a cloud service provider storage, virtual devices, networks, servers, etc. It is generally billed when you go.

PaaS: Platform as a service gives you a room for designing, producing and reviewing applications and handling them. Instead of building and maintaining the basic infrastructure, you should concentrate on software creation.

SaaS: Software as a service refers to the delivery of cloud-based software solutions. The cloud service provider hosts the app along with the infrastructure. The software maintenance and upgrades are also part of their job.



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