Ecommerce Software Solutions -What Makes Magento The Best eCommerce Platform?

Ecommerce Software Solutions -What Makes Magento The Best eCommerce Platform?

By Admin 3 years ago

If Magento could be described in a few words it would be ‘Omni-channel innovation’. Cloud-based eCommerce software solutions like the cloud-based Magento, are giving businesses the chance to blend both digital and physical shopping experiences on a single platform.

Presently, the custom eCommerce solution is being used by thousands of online merchants and brands to swiftly innovate and grow. With Magento, you get an intuitive administration interface that allows search engine optimization, advanced marketing, powerful marketing tools and catalogue-management tools to tailor the look, search and function of your unique brand.

Let’s go over the major benefits that Magento, a top eCommerce software solution can bring you.

Scalable And Powerful

Magento has the capacity to support upwards of 500,000 products on a single website and handle over 80,000 orders per hour. Thanks to its scalability and complexity it requires special hosting specifications to perform at an optimum level and load swiftly.

Mobile Friendly

Highly responsive shopping carts ensure that they are optimized for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. This aspect of Magento is very important as current shopping trends cannot ignore the rapid shift to mobile shopping.

Smooth Third-Party Integrations

Many vendors offer eCommerce software development that involves eCommerce platforms with limited third-party app integrations and a lot of the time you will be charged for added integrations. Conversely, the extensible API that Magento offers, allows you to integrate whatever plugin or app you want, from shipping, tracking, web analytics, payment gateways etc. 

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

One of the main benefits of this custom eCommerce development platform is that it allows the possibility of a high volume of organic traffic to your online store. Magento has inbuilt SEO efficiency features, affording your products a higher possibility of ranking on search engine results pages. What’s more, it has further scope for custom SEO implementations in case merchants lack the knowledge and skills to do so.

Functionality for Upsells And Cross-Sells

Magento offers in-built related product suggestion functionality, elevating the user experience and considerably increasing sales. Shoppers are shown “recommended products” or “related products,” on the product page before they reach the cart.

Advanced Permissions And Security

You can easily keep your online store secure from unwanted breaches using Magento to create and manage admin roles with a custom set of permissions. These permissions can be assigned to corresponding store personnel to ensure they gain restricted access to backend tabs and data.

Large Developer Community

Magento has an excellent community that updates the platform on a regular basis, resolving flaws and issues quickly. With the support of their large community troubleshooting becomes a breeze. Additionally, the platform’s large knowledge base ensures that your site will be very reliable and have a distinct competitive edge.

Low Cost And Time-Saving

Being an open-source platform, Magento offers an extensive library of custom extensions that are developed by the platform’s robust community spread across the world. So with the possibility of using and sharing tools communally, with other users, you will not have the inconvenience of building from scratch.

Magento is doubtless one of the biggest eCommerce software solutions platforms available in the market currently.  From small start-ups to giant corporations, numerous retailers around the globe have found tremendous success from this popular eCommerce platform.

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