How healthcare software solutions can help you build a smart hospital?

How healthcare software solutions can help you build a smart hospital?

By Admin 3 years ago

One of the most pressing and, probably, most challenging jobs in the world is the automation of the healthcare sector. Every year, a large sum of money is spent to solve it, yet many issues and questions persist. The major challenge is appropriate interoperability among multiple systems, particularly data sharing at the local, regional, and federal levels. However, it is possible to address the issue through healthcare software solutions.

The integration of medical equipment onto the network has already altered the healthcare industry’s working practices. The smart hospital project will be implemented by 2020 as a result of the broad use of high-tech approaches in medicine.

The smart hospital industry is expected to be worth $63 billion by 2024. This idea is based on the optimization and automation of operations in the interconnected object’s information-communication and technical environment. The goal of this environment is to enhance current methods for providing advanced medical care while also providing new options for doctors.

The relevance of the “fourth industrial revolution” cannot be overstated. It comprises of integrating network devices with cloud computing technologies, as well as massive data analysis and artificial intelligence, to create a “smart” infrastructure. Smart hospitals, therefore, revolves around the interplay of information, business, medical and health. healthcare software solutions can play the role of a dedicated partner in helping this transition happen. 

Benefits of E-health

Why do we believe that a smart hospital management system powered by healthcare software solutions will become a new standard in healthcare soon? Patients and hospitals are increasingly utilising high-tech equipment in both hospital rooms and outpatient settings as the world becomes more digital.

Patients use wearables, remote monitoring devices, and smartphones to track their vitals and medication; hospitals use smart TVs and tablets to educate staff and patients, and electronic health records (EHRs) are used to compile all patient data and provide health care providers with all the information they need to provide quality care. In all of these functions, custom healthcare solutions are playing a supporting role. 

Customised smart healthcare software solutions, therefore, offer the following set of benefits- 

Patient engagement

Patients and their families can strengthen patient-doctor interactions by utilising smart hospital room amenities (for example, via touch-screen displays or tablets). They can participate in the care process and have a better understanding of the treatment’s progress and health status. Further, by using a healthcare software solution, they may examine their medical records and test results while in the hospital, as well as learn about their daily treatment regimens. Disease management education is also available at the smart hospital.

Communication streaming

Patients frequently express dissatisfaction with doctor-patient communication because doctors are typically preoccupied with a computer screen rather than conversing with patients and observing their emotions and body language, which can provide extra information about their health.

In addition, patient satisfaction is a key metric in the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey, whose results have a direct impact on payment. Using mobile and IoT technology along with custom health solutions helps patients to communicate with care professionals in a more effective and timely manner, increasing their satisfaction.

Organising workflow

IoT and mobile technologies may also provide useful solutions for healthcare businesses to improve performance by measuring and recognising bottlenecks and service delays. Patients and employees can use this map to find their way around the hospital. Patients, visiting or temporary physicians, and hospital personnel can use smart hospital applications integrated with a healthcare software solution to navigate their way around the facility.

So if you are looking to upgrade your hospitals to the next grade, what you need is a customised healthcare software solutions. Your search for a leading healthcare software development company can culminate with Ivan Infotech. As a leading solutions provider, Ivan Infotech offers a range of customised solutions to a range of different industries. Some of our industry-renowned solutions are restaurant software solutions, hospitality software solutions, eCommerce software solutions, etc. 

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