How are Our Latest Hospitality Software Solutions Set to Transform Your Business?

How are Our Latest Hospitality Software Solutions Set to Transform Your Business?

By Admin 3 years ago

As we slowly transition into the post-Covid world, the central postulate that seems to have taken root is social distancing. Social distancing seems to be the solution that can address the future spread of the Covid-19. In the case of the hotel industry, hospitality software solutions seem to be the answer to reduce physical interactions.

Our suite of hospitality software solutions supports digital menus and makes the online ordering process simple and intuitive. Such software solutions can also increase the average check value and streamline the ordering and delivery process. But, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the right hotel software solution for your business that offers you the maximum ROI.

We have therefore created this article to help you understand the features of one of our hospitality software solutions- “Roomorder”. We believe that by going through this guide you will be better equipped to decide whether this solution is right for your business-

Modus operandi of RoomOrders

The following paragraph describes Room Orders from the perspective of the customer. We would talk about the way a customer would use the software at your restaurant and the way it looks. 

For accessing the digital menu, the users have to scan a QR code

The most important advantage of the Room Order app is that it is web-based. So, customers need not download the app from the AppStore or play store for accessing the digital menu. Instead, the customer can simply access the app content by clicking a link in their welcome email. The app can also be opened by scanning the QR code present at the reception during checking in.  

After opening the app on their mobile or other handheld devices, the customer can access the digital menu. The opening screen of the app will have your hotel’s name, logo and the cover image of your choice. There are clearly defined menu sections like food and drinks. There is also a transliteration feature to help your international clients access the app with ease. For each order placed, the app also shows the customer estimated delivery time to help them chose the food item that can be delivered fastest to satisfy their hunger. 

All our hospitality software solutions are fully customisable and the front and back ends of the application can be redesigned for addressing your needs. 

Makes the ordering of room service seamless

Our hospitality software solutions are designed to make the ordering of room service seamless and intuitive for the guests. For instance, through the room order app, the guest can browse through different types of room service and click on the item that they want. After ordering a food item, they can add their personalised recommendation and then place the order to a particular location within the restaurant or his room. The room order app also offers the customer to pay for the food items through the integrated POS system. 

But the Roomorder app’s use is not just limited to ordering food. It can also be used to call the room service and schedule time for room service activities. 

What hoteliers can expect at the backend of the software? 

The backend of all our hospitality software solutions is designed in a way that makes it easy for hoteliers to seamlessly manage their operations. The same is true for Room Order. The backend of the Room Order app is designed to help you manage operations, configure settings and menus.

You can access the manager version of the Room order app either online as a web app or can download the application from Play Store or App Store.  

Easy to use interface

Like our other hotel software solutions, Room Order’backend has an easy to use interface. So, you can intuitively access all functions perform operations almost from day 1 without any training. Our app also incorporates data analytics to help you understand customer preferences by looking at his order history. This will help you serve better- thus building better customer relationships. 

What do you have to say about Room Order?  Do you want to get it custom-built or try out our other hospitality software solutions

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