How IoT Is Transforming The Landscape Of The Hospitality Industry

How IoT Is Transforming The Landscape Of The Hospitality Industry

By Admin 4 years ago

Anyone who has ever stayed at a hotel that uses lights that work on occupancy sensors or room key cards has already experienced the Internet of Things in action within the hospitality industry. IoT refers to a system of interconnected physical devices, embedded with sensors that connect to the internet. Each time you benefit from an automated action that depends exclusively on technology, you are experiencing IoT at work.

By its nature of being a connected network the ‘Internet of Things’ serves as an ideal tool for the hospitality industry. Hotels require continual attention and maintenance; this is why hotel owners, managers and staff should adopt technology to free up time and resources so they can focus on more important factors while looking after guests. IoT technology automates menial and repetitive tasks which do not involve the aspect of human decision-making.

Applying IoT technology within the hospitality industry empowers proprietors to streamline the concierge, room service, front desk and other staff to cater to customer requirements armed with data-driven sensors and alerts. When hotel owners automate a range of sensors within their properties they benefit from employee information and guest data that enables them to deliver superior experiences and receive increased customer loyalty.

Hyper-Personalized Rooms

With a view to offering guests a highly personalized hotel room, hotels are giving guests the freedom of customizing their rooms.Nowadays a hotel’s system can commit the personal preferences of guests to memory and activate them over the duration of their stay or even at their next stay in the hotel. For instance, the system recalls your favourite choice of cereal or that you frequently travel with your team.

Predictive Maintenance

The benefits of preventive maintenance are often lauded by hoteliers, so by using IoT the hotel staff is spared from the task of performing regular inspections. IOT systems inspect all your premises and facilities and alert the hotel employees in cases of deterioration and inconveniences. The staff in turn informs the designated maintenance crew to repair or replace equipment before it even breaks down. So peak performance is ensured at all hours.

Location-Based Information

Equipped with location-based services triggered by a smart device’s GPS technology, hospitality businesses can deliver pertinent information to guests in their locality. GPS technology also gives hotel guests details on restaurants and tourist spots that they can visit in their vicinity. For instance, if a guest is in a particular locality an app on their phone would inform them that they are in the vicinity of a popular pub or tour operator.

Service Automation

Beginning from check-in right up to check-out, your guests will have the freedom to perform many repetitive tasks without the aid of hotel staff. Tech savvy guests prefer the automation of services as they find it more efficient and convenient. Whether they want to personalise climate control, window screens or lights, request room service or added amenities, all of it can be done on a single device.

That being said, the strides in technology are not likely to wholly substitute traditional staff. IoT empowers the various processes in your hospitality business to run smoothly and innovatively. At the end of the day, IOT consulting service Provider Company works to boost and complement the existing hotel services, equipping employees to deliver delightful guest experiences.

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