Strategies To Boost Your Hotel Business After COVID-19 Recedes

Strategies To Boost Your Hotel Business After COVID-19 Recedes

By Admin 4 years ago

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has ushered in a perfect storm for the travel, and eventually, the hotel industry as a whole. Transportation, air travel and borders are closed. Travel related bookings are being cancelled, most customers are requesting refunds and new bookings are currently not coming in.

In order to deal with this crisis, today Hotels Industry IT Solutions need to implement various measures that would help their business to thrive once this crisis passes. Before this pandemic fades away hoteliers should be well equipped to help their business to bounce back.

Implement Low Season Strategies

It would be a smart move to apply your low season strategies once the pandemic recedes. Yet, be sure you carry it out with sufficient creativity.

For instance, put the spotlight on unique amenities offered by your hotel, organize events like food festivals, music concerts and so on (once public gatherings are permitted), and highlight your hotel’s competitive promotions.

Concentrate On Your Online Reputation

More than ever hotel ratings and reviews will be the center of focus after COVID19 subsides. Guests would need to be reassured that your premises are safe and sanitized.

Get Listed On OTAs

Even though you may already be listed on some OTAs (Online Travel Agency) it would work to your advantage to get listed on a few more in case they correspond to your property type and gain you bookings at a lower cost. Be sure to display consistent details on all OTAs – in terms of star rating, room types, number of total rooms, check-in and check-out time, cancellation policy and so on.

Develop Effective Cancellation Policies

Defining a thorough and fool-proof cancellation policy is vital before promoting your availability on your website and other online platforms. This will be a key element towards generating bookings after this crisis.

Apply Proper Rates, Discounts And Promotions

Implement reasonable and effective discount deals and pricing packages so as to help your hotel to gain a higher amount of bookings.

Make Use Of Email Marketing

In this period of lowered activity, you can communicate with your past guests through emails to keep the connection going. It will allow you to generate brand awareness among potential guests who will feel inclined enough to make bookings at your hotel, post COVID19.

Upgrade Website And SEO Performance

Majority of your potential guests land on your website as a result of the searches they have made. Thus, you would need to concentrate on ranking at the top of the search engine results. Carry out suitable SEO practices to enhance the performance of your hotel’s website.

Improve Social Media Marketing

In this digital age, Social Media is an ideal way to receive increased bookings, upgrade brand value and attract and engage further potential guests. Be sure to regularly promote your offers, deals and combo packages across your social media platforms.

Ensure Utmost Cleanliness And Sanitation

In the current pandemic scenario the primary concern of your guests would be sanitation, cleanliness and hygiene. With this in mind, ensure that you educate and train your staff regarding the preventive measures that are mandatory on your hotel premises. Furthermore, intensify sanitation and hygiene of your hotel thoroughly. Fix alcohol-based hand rub dispensers at strategic locations on your hotel business  property.

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