Now You Can Tweet with 280 Characters at Twitter

Now You Can Tweet with 280 Characters at Twitter

By Admin 7 years ago

Here is the good news for Twitter lover out there. Following a one month of testing and planning this social media platform is ready to put down its 140-character limit for tweeting (ever since its launch for more than 10 years ago). This is perhaps one of the most major changes that this globally popular platform has brought into existence.

According to the product manager of Twitter, Aliza Rosen such extension of character limit would surely ascertain that, “the speed and brevity that makes Twitter, Twitter.” stays in place. Now that’s quite interesting, isn’t it? The best part is, the team of experts associated with this platform understood the demand of global community and has finally brought forward the essential modification that was perhaps wished by every user. However, the interesting part is that, according to Twitter’s test-run statistics, around 5 percent tweets happen to be beyond 140 characters and on the other side, around 2 percent is found to be of 190 characters. Perhaps, this stat has made them to limit the character up to 280 characters.

According to a blog post by Twitter, it will retain the shortness for which the service is popular of. However, the expression limit will be increased as the language pattern differs from one province to another. As per their testing period, they have found that around 1 percent of the tweets have hit the 280 character limit. This in a way expresses that the users are appreciating the expansion.

What else? The blog also says, “More space makes it easier for people to fit thoughts in a tweet, so they could say what they want to say, and send Tweets faster than before,”. This again portrays the fact that, all they want is to make the platform more user-oriented. But then, there are certain risk factors that remains and moves around the aspects like: real-time nature of the platform, flexibility, fastness, etc., which we hope would be tackled in an efficient way.  So, until then, happy tweeting!

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