Why Digital Marketing Strategy Combines Facebook - TV Together

Why Digital Marketing Strategy Combines Facebook - TV Together

By Admin 7 years ago

Change is on the verge and the days are gone when young people stuck on the TV to view the advertisements and that was the point of their basic interest. But today, most of the young people, as well as the kids, prefer mobile more than TV. It is been seen in different research that mobile is winning the game when we are offering different content on a different screen.

Particularly in India, the young adults spend more or less 2.2 hours every day on mobile. On the other hand, 98% of over 184 Million Facebook users from India access Facebook from mobile. Considering this trend, Facebook has become one of the best media of choice to reach the mobile-freak consumer. Now, this is the most used digital marketing strategy to integrate TV and Facebook advertising for higher reach.

Advertising on Facebook and TV Works Better Together

There are several cross-media studies that have proven Facebook and TV work great together and deliver better brand identity and final result. Considering the TV-only media plan, advanced digital marketing services recommend, the Facebook overall campaign is more result oriented and significantly adds Reach, Brand Impact and Efficiency in building brands.

  • Together Facebook & TV Deliver Higher Reach

It is shown in studies that a media plan that combines Facebook and TV together, Facebook adds more than 6.2% on the whole Reach. Even in a case of the hard to reach audiences or light TV viewers, the whole Reach is higher where Facebook delivers an incremental reach of 12.4%; which is approximately 2X of the incremental Reach conveyed by any other way.

  • Together Facebook & TV Deliver Efficient Reach

When Facebook and TV work together, it not only delivers higher reach but also more efficient reach. Considering the cost, Facebook delivers incremental reach at 38% lower than the TV only plan. With TV in a media plan combined with Facebook, Facebook’s unequalled targeting abilities and marketing tools guarantee that your marketing budget delivers maximum hit for the buck. Due to this reason, any leading IT solution company offering industry best digital services, would suggest their clients go for the latest digital marketing strategy hitting the market trend.

  • Together Facebook & TV Deliver Higher Brand Impact

A combined media plan including Facebook and TV, they deliver more than 25% incremental brand impact compared to TV alone plan. When Facebook spends is just at 3% spends, TV spends is near about 67% spends. Popular brands like Cadbury and Vodafone saw 2.6X brand imagery and 7.5X brand associations respectively by combining Facebook and TV for their media plans.

All these three advanced service strategies show the partnership between Facebook and TV are the perfect partners when it comes to building brands and driving results.

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