Open Source Software Development: The Reasons Behind Its Popularity

Open Source Software Development: The Reasons Behind Its Popularity

By Admin 5 years ago

Open-source software uses the source code that is freely available to make the program accessible and easily modified by the public. On mobile, web, and cloud services, the infrastructure for open source is predominantly created. The most popular open-source software products include Mozilla Firefox, VLC Media Player, and WordPress. Many enterprises are opting for open source software development service and they have valid reasons for it.

Despite knowing the functionalities of open source software, if you are not convinced yet to get the service for your business, we are here to turn your attention to its benefits over proprietary options.


Flexibility and agility are two fundamental keys to an IT business. With the help of a reputed open source software development firm, you can experience technology agility. This will create different gateways for solving development problems.

A Better Pace

In this competitive digital era, speed is the key to win the race. The advantage of an open-source software development service is that it incorporates the speed and ability to gain community support, new products being released quickly.

Economic Option

If you make up your mind to get a proprietary solution, you may have to deal with high costs. On the other hand, open-source solutions are cost-effective and you have the option to start and scale the small initiatives. If a business is on a tight budget, an open-source software development service would be the way to go as it wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Information Security

As it makes the program accessible to the public, many misunderstand it as having weak information security. In fact with efficient open-source development, your information is completely secure. If a problem arises, there is always a solution for it.

Maintenance Cost Sharing

Community involvement is one of the biggest advantages of open-source software. Any issues faced can be solved by sharing the maintenance cost among multiple parties. It is easier than writing an application and sustaining it single-handedly.

Numerous companies claim to provide the best open-source software development service for your enterprise, but you have to choose the most suitable one based on your requirement. Ivan Infotech is one of the leading software development firms in the industry that have served globe-wide clients successfully and met their expectations. Our experienced team will understand your needs and process the work accordingly. Trust our expertise and let us do the job we know best.

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