Top Trends in Android Apps That Will Change the World

Top Trends in Android Apps That Will Change the World

By Admin 5 years ago

Statistics of 2018 show that 52.2% of worldwide traffic had been generated through smartphones especially through the applications. This one year hasn’t changed the trend, but added more wings to the android apps with AR, IoT, VR and many more. Approximately, 6 billion people around the world are using smartphones and therefore, accessing the mobile apps.

Most of the businesses are using mobile applications to reach the global audience and generate more revenue. And this is why, the sector of android app development services are growing rapidly.

We have already discussed the intrigue role of mobile app design services today and we claim to foresee its promising future. Curious to know? Here you go!

Engagement Beyond the Core

People don’t like stuffing their mobile phones with lots of apps. Instead, the centralization of various features in one powerhouse app is trending now. Moreover, if the app consists of some other related things beyond the core interest, it will keep the users engaged. Do you use GooglePay? In their recent update with best mobile app design, they have added a new feature ‘play a shot’. By playing this stress-buster game, you can add points, earn scratch cards and more.

More Convenient, Less Complex

When you open an app for purchasing an item, for money transfer or for finding a nearby restaurant, you will obviously want to make it faster. You want a convenient app that is user-friendly and fast. Using a lot of complex technology may make your app look smarter, but it may not deliver you a satisfactory result. Instead, implement AI to personalize the app for the user, so that the purpose can be served in the least time.

Cross Platform Initiatives

Cross Platform initiatives will take the charge in this year. It is assumed that more cloud based services offering higher level features will be added by the best mobile app design. Also, the phone will be featured with more data processing and media modification applications like real-time video, auto-edit features in camera and many more.


It is estimated that 25% customer service operations will be represented by Chatbots within 2020. Chatbot is basically an old-school thing. However, with the added feature of understanding the conversation and processing natural language for it, the big daddys of the industry are availing android app development services to develop chatbot interfaces and customize it for high performance reducing the interface friction.

There are more which you may see in this year or the next in your app update to make your experience better. Technologies are dynamic and ever-changing. To stay updated with the changes, you need reliable and proficient android app development services. For having relevant experience of serving many overseas clients, Ivan Infotech can be your pal to build a highly optimized app.

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