Opting for a Restaurant POS system: Cloud Vs Conventional

Opting for a Restaurant POS system: Cloud Vs Conventional

By Admin 3 years ago

It stands to reason that in an era of ever-changing technology, some solutions become outmoded swiftly. The case in question, cloud technology. It is spreading to a range of industries and businesses and it is quickly becoming a staple for restaurant software solution such as POS (point of sale) system. Because of this, several businesses have started the transition from traditional or legacy systems to cloud-driven POS systems that provide a broad range of benefits.

As the world gets more and more mobile, it is vital for restaurants to leverage food tech solutions that can be used no matter what the device, which is precisely why cloud restaurant POS systems come out on top. With a cloud-based POS solution, you would essentially be receiving SaaS (software-as-a-service). Web-hosted solutions such as these, store your data in remote, secure servers and offer you round-the-clock access to it.

Why Should You Choose Cloud-Based Restaurant POS?


Cloud-based restaurant POS systems are extremely scalable. This is because as opposed to on-premise servers, cloud servers are not prone to exhausting data storage space.  The nature of cloud-based POS systems is to offer restaurant owners the mobility they need to run their establishment from any location, even on the go.


All the files are stored in the cloud that spans several servers which are located in a secure area. No matter what firm is handling your cloud services, they will usually leverage abundant redundancy layers and monitor the servers 24/7. You can ensure that your restaurant business is secure against viruses, theft, natural disasters, or even human error.


Typically restaurant software solution such as conventional POS system requires you to invest a high initial payment for licensing and hardware. On the other hand, cloud POS systems require a very low initial payment and a nominal monthly fee. What’s more, installing cloud POS solutions is more straightforward and requires very little support. This is because the software is designed to update automatically, saving you the hassles of operational downtime and ensuring that you always have the latest version of the software.


Distinct from conventional POS solutions, cloud POS solutions are highly compatible with a range of external software including software leveraged for loyalty programs, payroll, and online ordering. This type of food tech solution empowers your establishment with the chance to diversify and update its services to offer an enhanced experience to guests.

High accuracy

Human agents make errors that result in uncataloged sales, inaccurate inventory management, and so on. Using cloud-based POS allows you to eliminate the potential for human error. Once you move away from conventional POS platforms your restaurant can achieve a high level of accuracy, providing you with the data and systems you require to maximize revenue and expand growth in a fraction of the time it would ordinarily have taken.

Prior to opting for a cloud-based POS system, restaurant establishments need to review the previously made investments for their current conventional POS platform as well as the agreements that go along with it. After you have decided to transition to cloud POS solutions for your restaurant, your best bet would be to seamlessly import data intact, without corruption, and lessen operational downtime with the help of a top restaurant software solutions provider. So, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons and make the switch to cloud restaurant POS!

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