Reinventing The Future Of Higher Education With Edtech

Reinventing The Future Of Higher Education With Edtech

By Admin 3 years ago

At present, conventional universities and colleges are encountering decreased funding, shifting demographics in terms of students, challenges in terms of value and quality, and stiff competition from peer institutes. To find success, they would need a transformative change in the form of advanced education technology solutions, bringing in disruptive learning and teaching approaches.

Technology is now a fundamental aspect of the learning progression of students as well as professionals. Whether it’s online learning platforms or engaging digital classrooms, higher education software solutions are absolutely reinventing how learners are being taught. Despite the fact that the pandemic has amplified several challenges, moving forward the hybrid model of learning will continue to be a critical part of most institution’s long-term plans.

Now, let’s discover the ways in which Edtech is sustaining the future of education and upgrading approaches to learning.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence

To say that AI has a prominent role in higher education and the future of education as a whole would be an understatement. From AI-based document editors to assessment tools, chatbots, and robot tutors, this futuristic technology is enabling the personalization of educational material on a level previously unheard of.  

Colleges and universities are using AI algorithms to process massive volumes of student-generated data. With this, they are able to detect learning/teaching gaps and find appropriate remedies for the same. Higher-ed institutes take advantage of machine learning (ML) for student guidance. Some education technology solutions facilitate the automatic scheduling of students’ course loads while some others make insight-based suggestions on majors, courses, and potential careers progressions.

Leveraging Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a cutting-edge technology that allows universities and colleges to send automated “nudges” to students, in an effort to help them progress in their chosen academic careers. These nudges are appeals made to students to steer them in the right direction, and yet give them free rein on their choices. Education technology solutions used in colleges and universities deliver these nudges via emails, texts as well as on apps and LMS platforms. Students get notified regarding upcoming deadlines, warned regarding sub-par academic performance, and kept informed on available campus resources. With the help of student data higher-ed institutes are able to keep track of which students need help and what form of help they require.

Decentralized Learning

Among the most critical shifts that have arisen from leveraging tech in higher education can be attributed to decentralized learning. In this variety of learning, students are not forced to commute long distances or shift to another country, state or city so as to get their degrees. Thanks to more and more inexpensive smart devices, high-speed internet bandwidth, and cloud-powered technology learners from all parts of the world can virtually attend the institutions of their preference.

Greater Accessibility to Curriculum

Unavoidably some percentage of students in any institute are bound to face health-related difficulties, thus impeding the possibility of them receiving in-person education together with their college peers. To this end, higher education software solutions, in the form of interactive exercises, lecture transcripts, AR/VR demonstrations, audio recordings, and so on can be used successfully. Offering live lectures in digital form or even making the curriculum accessible via cloud-based platforms will considerably enhance the availability of higher education to everyone.

All evidence shows that conventional education is running out of steam. The foreseeable future is bringing with it a host of education technology solutions, in due course making higher-ed more affordable, flexible, and accessible to learners everywhere.

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