Retail Software -Top Advantages Of Electronic Shelf Labels

Retail Software -Top Advantages Of Electronic Shelf Labels

By Admin 3 years ago

The growth of sophisticated retail software solutions has led an increasing number of network and point-of-sale managers to look for advanced ways to enhance sales, streamline employee management and boost customer experience. The emergence of the innovative electronic shelf labelling systems provided through retail software development services delivers upgraded possibilities for setting up increased growth and customer satisfaction strategies.

More and more ESLs (Electronic shelf labels) are being leveraged to display product information in brick and mortar stores. Wireless retail software is frequently affixed on the front of store shelves and is battery powered. These smart and fully wireless electronic labelling solutions provide tremendous advantages to consumers and store managers alike.

To ensure that retail software solutions like ESLs remain affordable, the technology needs to have the capacity to offer the required range and speed despite requiring low power consumption. Because of the rise in radio frequency (RF)-enabled IoT devices, retailers are increasingly finding ways to cater to these requirements.

Below you will find the key reasons to opt for retail software development services to gain electronic shelf labels and figure out whether these tools will suit your purposes.

Real-time display

Display control by product type, shelf type (fresh produce, groceries, toys, clothing, books, etc.), unique product or promotion is done remotely and updated in real-time. This enables complete price control at all times and guarantees greater customer satisfaction.

Information control and standardization

Electronic shelf labels are part of retail software solutions that enable you to systematize real-time details displayed to the shopper. This is also being leveraged to fine-tune prices and displays on the basis of local or point-of-sale specific price discounts and branch locations.

Perishability management

Customers are able to directly check the sell-by date of the product thanks to the electronic displays in the store. Product managers are able to efficiently create offers and discounts on items once they have reached the end of the consumption period and modify the price automatically.

Monitor customer patterns & movements

Installing movement sensors to electronic price labels can be highly beneficial to retailers. The sensors are able to monitor all instances of traffic and customer movement occurring in your store. Retail software solutions like this offer you a virtual heat map of your store, revealing high-traffic areas and low-traffic areas.

Saving time and boosting returns

Hooking up your POS management system with electronic labelling solutions allows all pricing and information modifications in the POS to be processed through the ESL server and reflected on the labels in real-time. Additionally, users get the chance to instantly check details of the item they intend on buying, its origin and its price; promotional products can be easily identified thanks to colour-coding.

Inventory management

It has been found that keeping stock level data precise is extremely challenging for retailers. With retail software development services, you gain electronic shelf labelling solutions that have the possibility of displaying the number of items in stock to your customers though not all the items may be available on the shelf itself. ESLs allow you to conduct stock management with stock control and real-time inventory.

Retailers who want a competitive edge will discover how ESLs have the power to save them tremendous time and money over the long haul. Today several well-known supermarkets, drug stores and department stores have already embraced electronic labelling solutions.

An increasing amount of retail software solutions surface each year and you would be wise to keep track of the offerings even if your business is not prepared to upgrade just yet. 

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