The Ins and Outs of Legal Software- Your Must-Have Guide

The Ins and Outs of Legal Software- Your Must-Have Guide

By Admin 2 years ago

When it comes to law firms and legal teams, the best possible software platform should be designed to link the organisation’s lawyers with business associates in other departments such as finance, human resources, advertising, and so on to enable a team-driven solution to tackling risk and fulfilling business objectives. Through legal software development you need to build software that ensures open lines of interaction in order to safeguard your organisation’s assets while leveraging the latest technologies to facilitate major business goals.

Though legal practice management software is developed to primarily serve lawyer’s day-to-day requirements, software development companies need to take into account that legal firms operate by connecting with several teams in the organisation. Accordingly, the software would need to be understandable for everyone who uses it.

Will Legal Software Make A Difference To Your Team?

Work with employees from all departments of your company organisation to figure out how they carry out their roles. In terms of routine processes, ask each employee to delineate the precise workflows they use, outlining the all the separate tasks they execute along with things they decide while doing each different task.

Once you have all of this data properly defined, you will be able to recognize the particular popular software features and functionalities that will fix your employees specific issues during legal software development. Nevertheless, if you try to skip this basic foundational task to pinpoint the actual challenges you’re trying to fix, you’ll probably be forced to invest a considerable amount of capital and time on a platform that is likely to collapse.

In view of this, let’s discover the types of software that are used by legal teams as well as law firms.

Different Types of Legal Software


Legal professionals use eDiscovery platforms to process, label, review, and prepare electronic documents and communication as part of a legal investigation or suit. Automation and AI technology embedded in the software allows you to check, redact, cull, review and share records when prompted by investigators involved, opposing parties, etc.

Through eDiscovery solutions under legal software development you get the capacity to swiftly analyse larger and larger amounts of elaborate data. You will also be able to run different types of document categories such as voice recordings, images, video and text among other formats. What’s more the software is configured to isolate important data quickly and with more precision than when it is carried out manually.

In fact, legal firms can benefit from legal document management software as it handles access and security to documents in accordance to business needs.

Legal research software

For teams working on cases legal research acts as a reliable basis from which they can work. Legal research platforms offer information databases and dedicated research functionalities that allow law professionals to examine precedents, statutes, trial histories and so on. The solution helps lawyers to be extremely accurate and get the results they want in terms of legal research. Extract accurate details gallery and get the comprehensive information you need.

Knowledge management systems

Legal companies use knowledge management systems to gather, unify, and share important data assets in terms of audio, video, image files and documents. The platform maintains company “how-to” data outlining how employees in different roles should fulfil duties and act in different scenarios.

When you opt for legal software development, you get knowledge management solutions that work as a centralised location for data on various subjects. It radically smoothens out collaboration among external, internal and cross-functional teams, facilitating remote and virtual work effortlessly.

Contract review

Contract review platform leverages AI technology including natural language processing and machine learning to draw out data points and analyse the language of contracts. This category of software under legal software development helps to gather contract data around contract-based jargon such as extensions, terminations, and expirations.

Through this solution you ensure 360-degree visibility and clarity regarding contract information. Contract review solutions remove time-intensive and prone-to-error physical contract review activities for swifter, highly precise contract study and review.  

Additionally, legal case management software can be leveraged to handle and organise their legal cases and everything it involves as well as their clients.

Contract Lifecycle Management software

By means of contract lifecycle management software, legal teams are able to monitor and manage all aspects of their contracts with clients in terms of adherence, performance and further favourable metrics at all points of the contract’s life cycle- from the planning stage to the post-contract stage. This legal software development solution also offers visibility into contract performance and also decreases risk with full compliance.

Legal spend & matter management

Legal teams leverage legal spend management platforms to handle legal spend, streamline a systematised database of legal documents, and generate reports on legal teams’ proceedings. On top of this, this legal software development solution is able to carry out knowledge management, matter management, matter intake, billing and analytics. This software serves to unify matter data for highly optimised management.

Legal spend management solutions lead to smoother collaboration with opposing lawyers. Furthermore, it offers transparency on legal spend to allow for data-driven, insight-based decisions.

Once you know your business pain points and have pinpointed the technological functionalities that will serve to address them, you will be all set to opt for legal software development and ensure efficiency, productivity and profitability of your law firm.

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