What Elements Are Included In A Top Asset Tracking Software Solution?

What Elements Are Included In A Top Asset Tracking Software Solution?

By Admin 2 years ago

Asset tracking or asset management is the process of monitoring and evaluating data on assets to ascertain that they are functioning at peak levels, and asset tracking software solutions refer to a technology system that facilitates this process. The list of benefits that asset tracking software offers can go on and on including cost cutting, enhancing equipment efficacy, upgrading efficiency of maintenance to name a few.

To figure out the type of asset tracking solution that would be ideal for your facility, begin by assessing the aspects of asset tracking that your business specifically needs. While many of the software categories are related, nevertheless outlining your objectives prior to shopping for software solutions is what will enable your business to choose the perfect platform.

Common Features That Facilities Need In Asset Tracking Software

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Maintenance planning

Keeping tabs on the performance of your assets is critical for cost cutting and efficiency enhancing decisions that need to be made in the long run. Monitoring downtime, malfunctions and the maintenance required to fix each asset by means of downtime tracking module, allows you to develop scheduled preventive maintenance to upgrade and extend your asset’s life. With a complete assessment of the factors that cause your specific assets to malfunction or breakdown you will be equipped to proactively safeguard your assets.

Asset lifecycle management

Advanced asset tracking software solutions are able to extract data from asset breakdown and repair records to map out an asset lifecycle.  This allows you to predict and plan for substantial breakdown and maintenance expenses in your funds.

Learning the levels at which various assets should function and the intervals at which maintenance will be needed allows facilities to standardise the performance of each asset and arrive at critical decisions such as knowing whether to repair rather than replace and vice versa.

Cloud-powered and mobile compatibility

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Today’s asset tracking software solution is readily available whenever and wherever needed. Data stored on cloud together with mobile compatibility offer facility staff a significant amount of accessibility previously unavailable when using on-premise solutions or paper-based maintenance. Owing to this, your technicians will easily gain access to any data they need no matter where they are.

Mobile compatibility and cloud technology is also responsible for expanding wrench time (increasing time invested in field work as opposed to in the office). Your employees can check work orders on-the-go without having to visit the office time and again once a job is complete and another is scheduled. The solutions free up technician’s time which ordinarily would have been consumed in administration and regulatory activities. In this way they will be able to do more field work and complete a higher number of work orders easily.

QR code generator

A significant facet of top asset tracking software solution is systemisation. The capacity to create and scan unique QR codes means that it becomes simpler to record and access information on assets, ensuring that maintenance becomes seamless as well.

To enable a streamlined process QR tagging and mobile accessibility of all assets would have to be carried out concurrently. Armed with these advanced solutions, operators can quickly scan QR codes and extract maintenance history on the assets directly on mobile devices. Furthermore they can gain access to crucial information and recommendations from OEMs prior to starting maintenance tasks. It’s no wonder that most asset management businesses opt for asset tracking software development to gain sophisticated solutions to facilitate their operations.

Automated preventive maintenance

An additional sought-after feature that the latest asset tracking software solutions offer is preventive maintenance scheduling. While the asset tracking platform captures information on your equipment it will notify you about maintenance requirements. Seeing as preventive maintenance is often considerably more cost effective than reactive maintenance, leveraging asset tracking solutions can save your business substantial sums.

Optimised workload allocation

Facility managers are responsible for allocating asset maintenance tasks to your onsite staff or volunteers. When dealing with large numbers of workers and task allocations are both labour and time intensive. With asset tracking software solutions managers can streamline task distribution among their workforce armed with automation and efficiency. It helps that asset management platforms are user-friendly and do not demand too much time and effort to learn how to use it to its full potential. Your field employees will be able to navigate through the software without too much effort and carry out their maintenance tasks with ease.

Comprehensive report generation

Top-level executives at facilities can come to insight-based decisions regarding assets through the exhaustive reports that asset management software can generate. Advanced asset tracking software solutions offer reports on procurement, usage, maintenance and disposal. Intelligent and seamless asset management platforms allow for immediate, in-depth reporting that delivers valuable insights into assets and helps facilities come to important decisions.

Asset tracking platforms are an excellent tool for raising the efficiency of your facility. In fact, asset tracking software solutions are configured to track assets in real time allowing you to keep tabs on the location and state of your assets at all times. Today, vendors develop custom software that includes a range of features that offers facilities the means to boost their asset life and performance, enable seamless and maintenance, lowers costs all on a single platform. This is why businesses are shifting from the tedious and error-prone manual asset tracking processes to advanced asset management solutions.

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