Top Construction Software Features that Document Controllers Should Look For

Top Construction Software Features that Document Controllers Should Look For

By Admin 2 years ago

Have you been looking for a worthy investment in Construction Software Services?

Are you having second thoughts about the features that you can integrate with your required construction software?

Well, check out this blog for understanding the various features that might be beneficial for your construction business and why you should consider incorporating them. 

A construction project comprises multiple teams that work together to make a project successful. However not every team considers similar things to be vital for a software platform functionality. Therefore, it is always important to consider the various factors and perspectives that might be vital to take into account for creating a platform meeting all the requirements. 

As a document controller, you are the one who would benefit the most from the construction software development Solution. As your responsibility to keep track and monitor the project plans, manage the blueprints, keep track of the vendor contracts, and ensure proper security, the construction software will enable you to maintain and manage all the tasks effectively. It will impose consistency and also help you to share the documents easily and as fast as possible. 

But before complying with the essential features, let us understand what exactly a construction software is. 

What is a Construction Project Management Software?

The construction industry has been witnessing technological evolution with modern technologies being integrated. A construction project management software helps the construction businesses to simplify and ease the entire construction process through effective management of the micro and major tasks. The added tools incorporated with the ERP software enable the enterprises from the construction industry to manage the entire workflows and streamline the process thereby improving the project delivery service.

How construction software development Solutions can benefit Your Business?

In case you have been thinking about what major benefits your huge investment in the construction software development Solution can bring to your construction business, then you should know, that this software solution will aid in the overall optimisation of your business through its various small and big benefits.

 Well, here are the following benefits: 

  • Effective Communication between teams, stakeholders and even customers.
  • Easy Budget Management and Accounting process.
  • Resource management efficiently by cost control and revenue estimation. 
  • Easy Document sharing with the team members and stakeholders.
  • Cloud-based Software and therefore easy accessibility from anywhere and at any given time.
  • Aids in Business expansion by fast project completion and saving time on the process.


Essential Features To Consider For Your Construction Software 

Well being a document controller who needs the construction software solution the most, it is a vital responsibility to check out the various features that need to be integrated with the custom construction software for bim for construction.

Here is a list of several major features that will create a significant difference in your construction project management process.

BIM Framework

If you want to achieve your level 2 of Building Information Modelling or BIM for construction, then opt for the BIM framework feature that will help you in saving time and also enhance the project organization. However, in order to achieve that as a document controller, you will be requiring some important features like a consistent approach with the naming conventions along with ensuring that stakeholder collaboration is possible. Additionally, the data from the COBie can be exported effectively. 

Repeatable and Collaborative Workflow

As a document controller, you are entitled to check out that there are automated workflows with proper updates. You are aware of the significance of the integration between the project drawings. So you ensure that there is a steady and collaborative workflow maintained by the proper standards. If not taken care of, there are high chances of starting off the projects with the wrong drawings which also leads to confusion and project delays. 

Quick Search Functionality

While opting for construction software Services, make sure that you integrate the quick search functionality. This is mainly because the project lists tend to be quite long and can be even more than 100 and above. So, not enabling the search functionality will make the tracking of the design reviews extremely difficult. The manual tracking will consume a lot of time and can contain errors. So, for fast and effective results, stick to the feature of quick search functionality. 

Unlimited Document Storage

Since you are a document controller, you are well aware of the fact that no document controller wants to invest financially in document storage. However, document storage is an integral part and hence always ensure adding the unlimited document storage feature integrated to the construction software solution and gain access to unlimited storage for the data. Additionally, you get to store all your documents in the same place and hence, you won’t need to search in different places for the documents and it will save you a lot of time again. 

Simplified Revisions

Isn’t comments and mark-ups very common in a construction project?

Previously, when a particular feature was not available, most of the time the consultants had to download the documents, make the markups and revisions manually and again upload it. It was an extremely time consuming and double-working process. As a result, the responses for building information management and related works were mostly delayed. With the right construction software for the document controller and incorporated feature, the consultants can digitally sign and make the necessary revisions thereby avoiding any kind of unnecessary delays. 

Choosing the right construction software Services is extremely important for enabling the above-mentioned latest features. It will not only help you optimise your business but also help you streamline it in a simple way. The overall experience will improve thereby helping you to gain more customers.

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