Acquire detailed insights in respect of your professional website visitors, their behaviours, and your internal business processes with advanced analytics solutions by Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Get hold of a competent position in this competitive business world while taking it at a level higher. We can and we will make it possible for you through a quicker, better and advanced analytics service. Have benefits of proper technical measurements and analysis of your business process through our comprehend site statistics solutions. In depth informative details that you would be viable to, includes:

    • Demographic data
    • cmn-list
    • Browsers in use
    • Potentiality of your targeted audiences
    • Audience behaviour
    • Most liked pages of your business website
    • Campaign data and others

    Technologically advanced and certified analysts of Ivan would assist you in optimising your website accordingly for a better and improvised outcome. After all, our analytics solution has been ideally designed to ensure you with achievements for all your business scopes and goals.


Analytics' specialists of Ivan keep no stone unturned in ensuring that you identify your business processes before implementing appropriate decisions. Get in touch with us for attaining gainful facets like:

  • Advanced analytics tools
  • New-age technologies
  • Real-time analysis
  • Effectiveness of conversion metrics
  • Cloud data analysis
  • Data warehousing and data management
  • Open source analytics benefits
  • Proper data integration and governance
  • Optimising business operations
  • Risk management
  • Implementing benefits of predictive analytics and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud analytics is a service that runs data analysis and business intelligence operations in a public or private cloud. Companies providing Cloud Analytics solutions help enterprises scale quickly by reducing the costs and administrative burden of on-premises hardware.

Cloud analytics work through a software system that is hosted on an Internet platform. The systems run on servers in a data center.

Companies like Google and Amazon have giant data centers for cloud services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft’s Azure are the most popular computing platforms for cloud analytics. The centers house many powerful servers that support cloud-based analytics solutions and tools.

For cloud data analysis, the data collected by cloud-based analytics software is stored on the cloud where it can be accessed anywhere. The data can be retrieved quickly and will remain safe if any physical locations of a company experience a local disaster.

Eventually, cloud-based analytics tools will be able to learn on their own with the advent of machine learning algorithms. This will make it easier to predict future behavior based on past data and allow for more efficiency.

According to Gartner, a cloud analytics example encompasses any implementation of the following six elements in the cloud:

Data sources — Original data sources that can include social media analytics or website usage data.

Data models — Created with structured data types to make sense of and standardize how data points are related to each other.

Processing applications — Large volumes of big data are processed in a data warehouse.

Computing power — Raw computing power to ingest, structure and analyze data at scale.

Analytic models — Closed function mathematical models for predicting outcomes. They require strong computing power.

Data sharing and storage — Data warehouses as a service that let organizations quickly and easily scale.

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