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It’s the proven truth that the young generation spend a lot of time on the internet. As per the current trend, young students not only spend time online but in return, they look for modes to amplify educational or professional skills online, too. This has actually created an opportunity for the education domain to get associated with them by infusing the dynamic and best IT services for education industry. To start with, one must need a prominent web rather, online presence without which, any educational institute or training centre is miles away from the tech-savvy students.



The education domain is an endless route and you need constant modification. For a perfect online presence, an educational website is a must which would act as the perfect face of an educational service or institutes in this web world. Your education website informs the prospective visitors about available courses, offers, facilities and more specifically – how you differentiate from other businesses in the education sector.

Hence, you would need an excellent website designed by a dynamic provider of IT services for education industry for reaching out to a wider audience and to inform as well as educate them. If you dismiss the idea of being online and trust on your old exposure, you are to miss the huge number of the students who ransack the web regularly to find schools, colleges, universities or any training institutes offering various degree courses, vocational courses, skill enhancing training that help them build their career.

We are the Pioneers

We are the pioneers in building premium educational websites that are aimed at prospective students, teachers, and faculties. We are your close support to create and maintain your online presence and make the institute get best students and the students to get a better opportunity.

We have developed several school, college, and educational websites in the past days and we are expert in building it. Our expert team take care of -

  • Appearance of your site Infrastructure Highlights
  • Intellectual Resources
  • Setting
  • Proximity
  • Latest Updates Section
  • Further Prospects
  • Ask Us Now
  • Career Aptitude Test
  • Forums Section/ Community Groups
  • Education Blogs/Article Section
  • Latest Books, Periodicals, Exam Guides and other Educational Materials in Education Store
  • Resources Section - Education Loan Providers, Articles, Blogs, Community Groups, Books and Stationary Shops, Manufacturers of Stationary Items in your locality and Book Publishers.
  • Education related News and Events, Admission Dates, Entrance Exam Dates etc.
  • Classifieds on the Notice Board
  • Placement

Frequently Asked Questions

Ivan InfoTech is a one-stack IT solution provider which is encompassed with a team of professional and skilled people. With in-depth market research, analytic skills and technological knowledge we can understand your business requirements and provide you with the service that is perfect to upgrade your business to the next level.

Ivan is here to assist the educational industry with optimum level of IT solutions that can create a new dimension for the business. Check out our offerings to create something phenomenon for your business.

  • Wireless networking: To implement the new technologies in your classroom you need a competent wireless network infrastructure to support the process seamlessly.
  • Enterprise networking: An all-in-one infrastructure for design, deployment, consultation and app management.
  • Cloud services: Reduce costs infrastructure and add flexibility, with efficient cloud services for application hosting, data storage and collaboration, ultimate security, compliance and accessibility.
  • Mobility solutions: To make data accessible on the go you need IT service provider to design and execute strategies for security, BYOD and user management to take education beyond the stereotype.
  • Security solutions: Store data in a secure way, avoid malware invasion, enable authentication and increase data accessibility in the form of the classroom.

Ivan is a team of professional people who are completely dedicated to their work and highly knowledgeable about the technologies and the current market of education industry. With our keen understanding of your business requirements and the skills of combining that to result-oriented frame, we create something that fits a business perfectly. This is why Ivan is trusted by its eminent clientele of Education industry.

We follow a work model to deliver the best quality service to our clients:

  • Understanding of business requirements
  • Thorough market research
  • Latest and appropriate technological integration
  • Planning and execution

For each of the steps, you will be in the loop so that you can understand our process and progress of work for your business benefits.

We abide by the confidentiality and all other compliance rules during and post to our service. Our client is our priority and any kind of data breach is highly avoidable for our work. Your business is completely secure with us.



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