Armed with smart IT consulting services you will gain an IT ecosystem that fits your business needs like a glove. Drawing from our wealth of experience in IT, Ivan Infotech delivers consultancy on a comprehensive, swift, and cost-effective revamp of your IT environment and processes to guarantee substantial business outcomes. We leverage advanced technology such as AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Java, Open-Source, etc., in an intelligent and strategic way.

Our experts will work one-on-one with your team to analyze your goals, business operations, ongoing information systems capabilities and deliver strategic IT consulting services.

Ivan’s IT consultancy services have been at the helm of organizations of diverse shapes and sizes helping them enhance and upgrade their IT strategies. Several of our IT experts have worked in the industry for considerable years. Thanks to them we are able to offer foolproof IT strategy consulting services, allowing us to provide optimum benefit within a short space of time.

  • We analyze your needs before building an IT strategy
  • We align our strategies to your objectives
  • We craft IT solutions customized to your enterprise
  • We implement and deliver measurable results

IT Consultancy Services To Help Your Business Evolve

As with several of other clients, information technology is very likely not your core business. Attempting to resolve all your technology challenges using in-house resources will drive up costs and cause core business areas to suffer. Relying on knowledgeable firms like Ivan Infotech for robust IT consultancy services ensures your business security and efficiency without hampering your business’ valuable time and output. Being a leading IT consulting firm, Ivan will empower your business with a winning IT strategy that’s measurable.

Whether your business needs short-term or long-term help, no matter if it’s offsite or onsite we deliver scalable and secure consulting solutions. Our IT consultancy services team will work to reduce downtime, save money, and amplify your business’ IT performance. We work across all IT aspects, from strategy to architecture to digital to offer game-changing outcomes.

You are assured to get:

  • Comprehensive project management
  • Benefits of up-to-the-minute technological tools, languages & frameworks
  • Solutions to business challenges
  • Advantages of result-oriented IT solutions
  • Possibility to take your business to the global sphere
  • Positive approach
  • Well strategized and systematic execution process
  • 24/7 transparent assistance and communication
  • Safe and secured service process
  • Confidential and advanced data-management assurance
  • Affordability assurance
  • Generating high ROI (Return on Investment)

We discover your technology gaps and work on corrective measures to push your business far ahead of your competitors.

If you have concerns about the current rising costs of IT services, or if you are just on a time crunch as you’re expanding your business and require to hand over the reins to professionals in the field, we’ve got you covered. It’s time for you to benefit from fast and highly-responsive IT consulting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any type of projects that may include website creation, application development, testing services and even database administration services can be outsourced. Firms typically tend to retain in-house database management and networking facilities, but with reputable companies Like Ivan coming forward with their expertise, these specifications can easily be outsourced too. For any type of IT support services connect with Ivan.

It is the goal of every business to cut costs and improve profitability and gain respect for its core business practices. Offshore outsourcing often helps companies meet many of these goals by reducing the expenses of hiring experts and maintaining the infrastructure. With Ivan, you will gain quick access to the necessity for talented employees and minimize the chance of project failure. We will also help you to save a lot of time because we can work according to different time zones.

We will review your project thoroughly and then submit a list of trained professionals whose skill sets suit the best for your project. You can then use the tools to shortlist. When the applicants have been accepted we will continue with the research.

Economically Preferable - Professionals' salaries are considerably lower than those in North America and Europe. This salary gap implies cost savings.

24/7 Support - Indian offshore development facilities are in the perfect time zone to help you operate 24/7.

Working with Talents - It is difficult to maintain skilled workers when they are given dull and repetitive jobs. India gives you a cost-effective pool of talent that you can tap into to provide quality service.

Best Practices - Completely focused on quality and continuous process improvement, we operate at high predictability, efficiency and reliability levels. High process maturity significantly reduces risks and provides substantial advantages when managing service level agreements.

We have global experience in outsourcing projects and our efficient team has the technical expertise that is needed to deliver any project maintaining all its requirements. We speak with our customers, ask questions and suggest innovative solutions that are best suited for their business. We keep your data private, and we protect your business assets. Both of our programs are cost-effective and on-time delivered.

At Ivan, we make no compromises on the equipment, applications, and facilities that we are using. We make the best use of Internet connectivity. Our network features include firewalls, advanced VPN communications, prevention/curation of viruses, spam filters and filtering of URLs. We do have a 100 per cent redundancy and a corporate continuity strategy that is foolproof. Read more about our infrastructure for Best-of-breed.



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