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Obtain the best of high-level JAVA programming languages with the certified and experienced experts of Ivan. Go with the advanced and latest JAVA trends to accumulate and implement the crucial aspects for why it is considered as a widely exercised language for developing and distributing contents on the Web. Get hold of a smoother and easier path for staying ahead of your competitors with our client oriented global IT-consulting solutions. Meeting with your business scopes and understanding your opportunities is no more a hassle. We assure to deliver solutions that would help you to acquire business success, consistently. Millions of Developers are specializing in JAVA worldwide while billions of devices runs on it yet, only a few can write a success story for you. JAVA experts of Ivan are the one who can make it possible for you in a best possible way.


IT, finance, healthcare, insurance, tours and travels, food & restaurants and no matter what your industry domain is stay assured of acquiring the best and most crucial aspects of JAVA with Ivan. It would positively generate higher revenue for your business. Our tailor made solutions has been planned to fit every specific requirements of small, medium or even enterprise level business organizations. With our proficiency to deliver finest in practice JAVA solution you will get hold of every vital and unavoidable aspect of this popular programming language and that too, in respect of various platforms like: Java cards, Micro Edition, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, etc. Ivan assists you to fetch the highest possible ROI in respect of your IT-investment. Things that you would capably gain with us, includes:

  • User oriented web applications in Java and J2EE frameworks
  • Service-oriented architecture APIs
  • Easier development solutions for complex, enterprise-scale applications
  • Inclusion of advanced JAVA technologies like EJB, JSP, JSF, Spring, etc.
  • Assimilate benefits of multi-platform desktop applications
  • Custom user interfaces and graphical interfaces
  • Complete solutions for devices that runs on JAVA SDK
  • The best of JAVA CMS solutions with Magnolia, Alfresco, Hippo, Asbrusoft , etc.
  • Extensive web services that includes Restful, SOAP, XML, etc.
  • Migration of applications
  • Application integration and more.


Java has gained worldwide popularity due to its top-notch traits, high-end usability and developer friendly features. With Ivan you would surely generate most excellent and robust JAVA practices that are best for start-ups to enterprise grade requirements. Put in our insights and expertise for identifying the crucial benefits of JAVA. Some of which are:

    • Easy to learn, design, write codes, compile and debug
    • Object-oriented
    • Embedded systems
    • Helps in building customizable programs
    • Transformable code
    • Portable bytecode for any platform
    • Flexible and platform-independent
    • Safe and secure
    • Procurable language, compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment
    • Competent in identifying errors
    • Reliable and robust.
    • Occupies 4 bytes of memory for both 32 and 64 bit structural design
    • Supports the multithreaded work process
    • Execute several tasks within a single program.
    • Works on distributed environment that helps in computing, etc.

You can also make the most of JAVA programming language and its advantageous prospects with us, for your requirement of professional web applications and platforms. Our pool of talents can be your ultimate solution for designing and developing with flexibility combined with easier yet safer codes that runs on any platform, irrespective of structural design.


Ivan follows an organized and efficient mode of progress that ensures better ROI to our valuable clients across the globe. We analyze and incorporate effective JAVA practices that ascertain victory to our clients in this competitive industry. Over the years we have successfully delivered all the valuable aspects of this popular programming language to a larger number of clients that has significantly extended our list of recurring clientele. You can join us too for acquiring advantageous facets like:

  • We operate passionately to get your software right
  • Generate the best of JAVA application frameworks, tool and CMS platforms
  • Get guided with certified professionals on board
  • Team of BAs, QAs, UX experts for your requirements
  • We deliver robust user experience that brings success for you
  • Appropriate integration of technology
  • Global solution providers
  • Cost and time efficiency benefits
  • Time-tested approach, every time
  • Scalable, flexible and compatible benefits
  • On-time delivery assurance

Let’s get connected for technologically advanced and an improved business process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Serving this industry with Java consulting solutions we have enough experience in the integration and utilities of Java practices. Using Java, Hibernate and Spring we have created various programs and some of those are mentioned below:

  • Business-critical portals
  • Job, Travel and Tourism Web Portals
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Secure enterprise applications
  • Booking engines
  • Point of Sale systems
  • Learning management systems

You can track your project from the beginning to the end. Documents with comprehensive information on implementation activities performed for the Java application development are periodically sent to you. You can easily understand how often the application has been built when you study these reports. Furthermore, you can chat with your Java developer every day and come up with your queries or clear up any misunderstanding. You can be assured of the current status of your Java project always being up to date.

Java expertise includes experience across a broad variety of technologies, modules and frameworks associated with Java. Understanding Java fundamental concepts like these helps to build reliable applications. We, as java application Development Company, are skilled with frames, principles and techniques related to java. This includes areas such as Java Beans, JSF, JPA, Spring, jQuery, Java, JSP, JDBC and many more. Our Java developers, with their expertise and experience, can handle every facet of Java app development excellently from designing a complex architecture to implementing similar coding principles.



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