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Ivan Infotech’s tailor-made e-learning solutions experts craft systems that empower higher education institutions, colleges/universities, high schools, vocational schools, primary schools, SMBs as well as enterprise-level businesses.

Flexible LMS (Learning Management System) Software

Our dedicated and seasoned e-learning software solution professionals design tailored LMS systems for handling, monitoring, and accomplishing your educational course, training program objectives.

Personalized Gamification Solutions

Our e-learning software solutions are powered up with further gamification characteristics to make highly engaging courses, employing 2D as well as 3D graphics that result in an exceptionally immersive, enjoyable, and interactive learning context.

LMS Software Solutions

We have a team of developers who are experts in developing, integrating, and executing tailored LMS solutions for education institutes spanning university to K-12, and all things in between.If you’re looking for education software development you’ve come to the right place.

Customized Communication Interfaces

Our team configures and incorporates blended learning solutions using features such as online and video conferencing, messaging, multimedia, social learning, VoIP, recording, streaming, among others.

Custom-built Extensions and Plugins

Experts at Ivan furnish your LMS to include custom enrollment as well as authentication, course formats, themes, filters, modules, document archives and a host of relevant extensions and plugins.

Our education software development includescustom integrations for top-notch LMS solutions and gives you higher usability, flexibility and functionality.

Migrations of
Data in LMS

During education software development, we implement extensive data migrations armed with 3rd-party platforms, such as SoftChalk and MuleSoft, and include SSO feature employing the Clever SSO platform.

Integrations for
LMS Software

Our team utilizes key design characteristics for LMS e-learning software solutions, for instance, geolocation/localization integration, native support, HTML5 publishing among others with the help of tailored integrations to APIs from 3rd-party providers.

AR & VR Technology
Solutions for LMS

We integrate AR & VR capabilities into the LMS so as to enhance engagement, boost retentiveness, and provide an optimum immersive experience with our e-learning software solutions.

Mobile App
Development for LMS

Our specialists build browser-based LMS solutions optimized for native mobile apps, taking advantage of the mobile devices’ in-built hardware to produce exceptionally seamless UX, covering iOS as well as Android platforms.

Role-Based Access
Control (RBAC) LMS

You can get RBAC modules for your LMS that offer role-based access levels for members of the institute, in order to handle scheduling, billing, subscriptions, universal reports and so on.

Cloud-Based LMS
Software Solutions

Our experts develop LMS software that is cloud-based and delivers an unlimited volume of gigabyte storage and file uploads, enabling storage of presentations, virtual textbooks, graphics, online videos among others.

Dedicated Content Authoring Solutions

Our developers craft tailored-made content authoring software solutions for optimized content creation, branding, publishing, hosting, authoring collaboration and sharing. You can ensure effective learning and teaching experience thanks to our education software development services.

Instructional Designs

Instructional design models are blended within the custom-built e-learning software solution, for instance, Merrill, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Kirkpatrick, Kemp, ADDIE, SAM, Gagne and so on.

Software Development for Content Authoring

Our e-learning authoring software enables users to produce and arrange multimedia objects for the content’s proposed intention.

Content Gamification

Our developers add gamification to e-learning study material by infusing it with rewards, points trackers, badges, 2D/3D graphics, progress bars, integrated leaderboards, activity feeds and so on.

Interaction-driven Learning

Our experts incorporate interactive functionaries and features, such as games, animations, motion paths, custom audio feedback and quizz-based games to create interaction-driven learning among users.

Customized Subject Matter

We build custom-made content authoring software that includes customized course content with global font pickers, as well as high-resolution video and images to produce custom-tailored subject matter.

Publishing and Hosting tools

We offer customized content authoring platforms that enable you to stream academic content on multiple devices, together with a learning portal that is cloud-based and provides immediate access to the downloaded content.

Seamless Content Generation

Our developers execute adaptive content generation integrations to swiftly and smoothly alter graphics, text, visual and audio-based content while generating engaging and requisite material for courses.

Comprehensive Reports

Our team incorporates data visualization, analytics and reporting functionalities with tailored plugins like search & filter, sorted by device type, geography, date range etc.

SIS (Personalized Student Information) Software

Ivan Infotech’s education software development experts develop SISs as well as execute flawless SIS integrations which facilitate interoperability and bilateral communication.

Student Information System (SIS) Development

Our custom SIS solutions are created with built-in capabilities that allow complete control and access to course registration, transcripts, attendance tracking, grade results and interactions.

Management of Records & Documents

We develop SIS solutions that do away with paper tedious records and filing. Users will be able to share, transfer, systematize and store various things like images, signatures, records, documents and other important data.

Development of SSP (Self-Service Portal)

Our self-service portals are scalable e-learning software solutions and they allow students, teachers, admin and parents to access transcripts, students’ results, bulletin boards, and further information.

Management of Enrollment and Onboarding

Our team facilitates flexible enrollment as well as onboarding features, inclusive of video orientation, digital presentations, digital forms, e-signatures, onboarding emails, digital handbooks, and so on.

Monitoring Students’ Discipline

Institutes can use our student disciplinary tracking modules to help with penalty monitoring features, parental notification, incident tracking and reporting and other disciplinary requirements.

Tracking Student Attendance

We develop student attendance monitoring systems that give administrators the capacity to track student attendance automatically with features for reports as well as the immediate status of attendance records.

Information Applications for Students

Our top-notch SIS apps are equipped to gather, systematize, and manage student information and a range of scheduling modules that have responsive interfaces to streamline online-based courses.

Financial Services for Student

Our team designs course fee payment, financial tracking for students and automated billing systems that have features like account payable reporting, management of supplier invoices among other modules.


Our education software development produces systems that are configured to comply with Aviation Industry computer-based training Committee (AICC) as well as Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) etc. allowing users to distribute web-based learning material spanning on-site, cloud-based, web and mobile platforms.

Tailor-made WBT (Web-Based Training) Solutions

Our professionals design bespoke web-based training (WBT) systems which empower corporate houses with the chance to enhance training endeavors and ultimately their operations.

Collaboration-based and Self-Paced Training

We build self-paced and collaborative e-learning software solutions that feature quizzes, timed or untimed assessments, competency models among other features, to help learners with self-evaluation and self-assessment.

Online Training Portals

Our online training portals are scalable education software development solutions that integrate adaptable training sessions created for employees together with sales management sessions for B2B.

Digital Badges and Credentials

Our team integrates functionalities of digital badges that offer trainees official certification and credentials as compensation for their progress and achievements.

Elevated Learner Usability

Our web-based training solutions are built within corporate intranet to correspond with the brand identity of your business or institute to sync with its website.

Software Development for WBT (Web-Based Training)

Ivan Infotech provides extremely sophisticated and up-to-date WBT systems that equip educational institutions, SMBs and enterprise-level organizations to expediently, flexibly and cost-effectively teach students and train employees.

Training Payment Modules

We design WBT systems that are optimized for worldwide payment, supporting all global currencies, these have the capacity to smoothly integrate with LCMS, LMS as well as e-commerce packages.

Continuing Education Management Solutions

Our team builds webinar management platforms which are embedded into the LMS, inclusive of tools that enhance presentations, screen sharing, session recording and so on.

Reporting Dashboards

We facilitate custom-based analytics and reporting formats and dashboards built into the WBT software, rendering it simple to generate accurate real-time reports.


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